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Submission + - Cop Tries To Sue Woman Who Videotaped Beating ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: A police officer who was disciplined for his role in a massive beating of a guy (many broken bones in his face and permanent partial blindness) is looking to bring criminal wiretapping charges against the woman who caught much of the incident on video. The guy received a 45-day suspension. He does not appear to deny anything that happened in the video. But he apparently thinks it shouldn't have been filmed.
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Submission + - Driver using two cell phones gets year driving ban ( 1

coondoggie writes: "This guy is the poster boy for why cell phone usage in cars should be banned in more places. According to press out of the United Kingdom, a man who was driving at 70MPH while texting on one phone and talking on the other has been banned from driving for a year. Initial reports said that the driver, David Secker was apparently using his knees to steer the car, an accusation he refuted in court apparently."

Submission + - Mozilla to remove Firefox version numbers ( 3

MrSeb writes: "A great collective gasp issued from tuned-in Firefox fans when Mozilla announced that it was switching to a Chrome-like release schedule for its browser. Now Mozilla wants to take things one step further and remove Firefox version numbers entirely — from the user-facing parts of the browser, anyway."

Comment Dollar Menu? (Score 2) 950

Did the police return the $1 to the bank? Or did one of them pocket the dollar for his snack later that day? Better yet, do you think the bank is going to file an insurance claim? After all, they lost some unknown amount of business during the robbery, the insurance should cover that vague amount.

Comment Bent (Score 1) 232

Wouldn't a metal rod in the middle mean that it is possible to bend the lightsaber? Or are we assuming this is some super metal? Maybe the light in the Star Wars galaxy is made of stronger stuff than our light?

Comment I think the issue is the students (Score 1) 606

At the university I went to, it felt like a lot of the students who didn't know what degree they wanted, would pick CS because it "had to do with computers" and they had no clue what it would actually entail. Hence large amounts of them failing CS 1. And as for some pre-CS1 course. I went straight into CS1 without any previous experience programming. I managed an A in it with ease. If you are dedicated, read the silly book, do the homework, it doesn't matter if you knew nothing coming into the class.

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