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Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 458

Again I see it. All of you are supposedly shouting for free speech, but as soon as someone uses that right who you disagree with, you want to shut him up! I am in favour of free political debate. You are obviously not.

Comment Re:The Sony (Score 1) 684

I have only the Sony PRS-505, and have never used any other e-reader. I like it very much because it supports so many open/common formats, such as PDF, RTF, and EPUB. There is a good third-party FOSS app for it as well (Calibre). In addition to being good for public domain texts, it is also great for viewing your own documents. I used it to study my bar exam outlines, which I merely saved in RTF format and copied to the reader. Again, I can't compare it to other e-readers because I haven't tried any, but it's good for what I like to do with it. The interface is pretty clumsy, but that really doesn't get in the way too badly.

Comment I initially poo-pooed the iPad too (Score 5, Interesting) 503

I didn't think there was a whole lot of use for the device until I took a trip from Munich to Philly in one of US Airs brand new A330s and noticed something, every single seat had a USB power outlet and all over the US USB power outlets are increasing in number. Are there any netbooks that can run off of USB power? The fact that the iPad can, has (supposedly) a really good battery life, and the fact that you can use the thing while standing up has sold me on the device.

That being said, the first company that can come out with a netbook that can run off of USB power will have a winner.

Comment Re:Settled law in the United States (Score 2) 234

I think one part of the test should include the probability that two independent parties doing the same work ending up with the exact same result should determine whether or not something should be a creative work.

Would two parties doing the exact same work come up with two [substantially] different models of the Washington monument? I doubt it.

If this test were applied, I think it becomes increasingly more obvious as to what is a creative work and what is not.

Comment An unlikely extension (Score 1, Interesting) 93

It would be interesting if it could watch you draw, then imitate your style as it draws other subjects. It isn't fun to re-draw the same subject over and over just to see how you progress. Instead you could use it to take each of your drawings and show you, say, a lightbulb would look. Plus it would be fun for people like me who like to draw on occasion but quickly get lazy. That way I could just draw half of something and let the robot finish it. Heck, you could use it to do one of those photo-every-day things, but instead of a photo it's a self-portrait based on your current drawing ability.

Of course, if it became complex enough, it could analyze money and learn how to mimic that drawing style...

Comment Not a replacement. (Score 1) 240

Admittedly I did not RTFA, but I'd assume that you can't just write, scribble, etc on these...

The majority of short life printouts that I use at work end up with notes, amendments and changes scribbled on them. It's a good system.

Unless I can do this on this new medium, I can't see it being useful in our offices.

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