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Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 1095

London is quite a big place, If you go to Greenwich area the Science Museum.area is too far away. Even attractions that are centrally located (lets say Westminster area and the South Bank area) are 5 minutes away by underground rather than 15 or 20 minutes walk in the horrid weather of Nov or Dec.

Comment Re:Or it would go the other way (Score 1) 130

Sharing your connection using Joiku with a file-sharing felon might tar you with the same brush. 3 strikes and you're all out.

Well you're the one deciding to share your connection. Shouldn't it then be your own responsibility to check just exactly -who- you're sharing the thing with?

If you decide to share your gun - which you only use for plinking - with some random stranger, they shoot somebody, and the ballistics end up matching a gun that's registered to you, you'd have some explaining to do, too.

Due process? We flushed that crap down the toilet years ago.

While I agree with this, I can't help but put myself in the shoes of the other (Evil) side and see - in practice, in discussions on slashdot and even in newspapers - that the aforementioned is also being exploited as a defense.

"Your honor, the accused lives in a household with 3 other persons - his wife and his two children - any one of these could have performed this unauthorized sharing of copyrighted materials. The defense has not shown evidence which of these four individuals in fact performed this unauthorized sharing of copyrighted materials. Therefore, the defense moves for the accusation against the accused to be dropped."
Well gosh isn't that convenient. So next time I want to download something using a sharing client, all I'll have to do is go to a busy spot downtown, open up my connection and broadcast it to the world as, say, "FreeInternet", and hey presto.. I might be doing something illegal but good bloody luck proving that it was actually -me- and not one of the dozen people that were using my shared connection; They can't. Pirate-me wins.

If these issues were on a scale, then they're neither balanced, nor tipped over in either direction; the entire mechanism simply broke and both sides claim things in their favor where they shouldn't be able to.

Comment Re:Shameful, how? (Score 1) 586

You deliberately chose some spotlight cases where the perpetrators most definitely were sick fucks who deserved what they got.

However, that's what grandparent meant by "unlike witches, they actually exist". It's a witch hunt: you catch the innocent along with the guilty.

That doesn't justify the disgusting treatment of high-school lovers and consenting relationships, which seems to be more and more common these days – much more common than the stories about the Phillip Garridos and their like. As a 25-year-old in the state where I live, I could legally get with a 17-year-old and the religious folks could just scream and bitch all they want – I'm not doing anything illegal. But if it's a 16-year-old, even if she's totally consenting, by golly I'm a sick pervert and ought to be locked up.

Oh, and that 17-year-old girlfriend who I of course don't have (I'm on slashdot, afterall)? Fornicating is fine, but take one little picture and I'm a child pornographer.

Comment Re:Houston Has Similar Plans (Score 1) 456

Uhhh...that's cheaper because it doesn't do what a roof does.

It doesn't insulate and it doesn't reflect the heat away from the house.

You essentially need an 'underroof' at that point, something on top of the ceiling that serves the purpose of the roof.

It is not cheaper than normal to build a house with a flat roof and then build a greenhouse on top of that roof, which is what you've actually suggested here.

And it's certainly not cheaper in any climate that would be described as 'tropical'.

Even with an older, fairly non-reflective roof, the heated up part is the 'outside' of the roof, whereas with a greenhouse, the heat would end up being on the 'underroof'. Even if you open the greenhouse totally to the outside air, it's still worse than a normal roof, which at least has an air buffer which it has to heat first. (And that itself can be vented.)

Such a greenhouse might make sense in cold climates where cooling is never an issue, although freezing and snow would present interesting problems...your roof would not heat up as quickly to melt the snow, hence removing some of the 'greenhouse effect' you're counting on to heat the house, and resulting in a freezing 'greenhouse'. (Which is hopefully insulated, via the underroof, from the actual house, or all the hot air ends up in there.) OTOH, you could hook up 'defrosters' like in cars and melt the snow from the inside.

I'm not sure what collecting roof runoff has to do with anything. Most traditional roofs have gutters, and, hence, could easily collect runoff if people wanted.

Comment Re:Seriously. (Score 1) 978

I absolutely agree. My only point was that it seems like this study kept an eye on people's workouts, but did not scrupulously police their caloric intake-- relying on them to "keep eating the same." But with such a small number of calories burned per day, it's very, very easy for a person to think they're eating the same and screw it up completely with only a few extra bites of food here and there. Heck, all they'd have to do is have a gatorade after their workout to completely ruin the calorie deficit they'd created.

Comment Re:Pilots are being taken out (Score 2, Interesting) 151

Um... We do have fully automated drones flying around, both with and without bombs attached.

We do have fully automated drones flying around, both with and without pilots attached...

You'd be surprised what a good autopilot can do. Did you know the space shuttle, using 70s tech, lands itself, with the only human interaction being pushing the landing gear doors? No kidding hands completely off from orbit to runway using 40 year old tech?

Comment Re:Hackers Diet FTW. (Score 1) 978

As long as you go outside, you're going to be seen anyway. You have a simple choice: Do nothing and maybe be ridiculed, or balance your diet, get in shape and maybe be ridiculed.

People see a tubby gal/guy going at the gym will have two reactions (and preferably keep them to themselves, but hey):
- Look at that fat joke, or;
- That one's working his/her ass off. (literally, even)

The former are reprehensible human beings who never had to work for anything in their lives. The latter are correct.

Comment Re:When science fails. (Score 1) 229

so I'll give greater weight to my prejudices.

You say that as if scientists don't have prejudices/presuppositions/premises. I've never met a human that didn't.

All people make assumptions. Smart people are willing to give those up.

Comment Re:Windows 7 reviews are no different.... (Score 3, Informative) 414

This has nothing to do with "depth of Microsoft's problems". Your school probably pays for MSDNAA as a benefit to students ( This program has been around for a long time. I used it to get windows 98/2000/xp from my university back in the day.

Comment Re:Everyone here seems to be bashing this guy... (Score 1) 619

I'm in complete agreement with you. I wrote my own little note on the subject a little further down on the thread. Sadly, you and I are in the minority here but I'd rather be in the minority and have free time than do the same thing 7 days a week. I code because I often enjoy the results of it and it makes me money, but I don't let coding rule my life. I must rule it and only five days a week. The other two days are my own time in which coding doesn't rule me.

Comment Microsoft renders Sidekick data completely secure (Score 1) 246

Microsoft today implemented its 100% Data Confidentiality package for T-Mobile Sidekick, comprehensively protecting users' contacts, email and messages from any possible attacker.

"Our data security is impenetrable," said Steve Ballmer, "and will reassure everyone of the data integrity of our Windows Azure Screen Of Death cloud computing and Windows Mobile initiatives."

Microsoft plans to leverage the new confidentiality mechanism to finally purge the horror of Vista from the face of the earth, in the same manner as firing all the contractors who knew how to build Windows 2000 and having to reconstruct Windows XP from bits of NT 4.

Microsoft Sharepoint users looked forward to a similar denouement as the only safe way to scour their hopelessly incompetent organisations from the world in a manner that would not infect successor organisations.

Microsoft is putting together an outsourcing proposal to the UK government for data protection.

Illustration: Secure Windows data storage mechanism.

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