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Comment Re:Vista (Score 1) 357

Actually Microsoft purchased the people who did any of the development awesomeness like Word or Excel.

Lets not forget Hyper-V and other fun things.

I am not sure but the only thing Microsoft really came up with was Windows 95's GUI, which they didnt license or buy, but stole. Some netcode was even from BSD.

Comment I'm not a hat person (Score 1) 290

I have 100Mbps Charter and don't care about no stinkin' caps. Spend the weekend streaming cat videos in HD from youtube, playing games online with the wife and streaming HD video from Amazon and Netflix for hours a day.

Comment I'd back something worth backing (Score 1) 113

This project isn't it. I'd put money in it if they were to unify their efforts to make linux suck less and stop changing for the sake of change. Instead of blowing time making a phone they could have succeeded at making their desktop product rock solid and keep it that way. (Ubuntu has this thing about changing everything in every version far too much.)

If you don't agree with me, consider that Windows has at the core barely changed. Apps from 15 years ago still work for the most part, without much fuss. Documentation is basically the same, perhaps a few target directories have changed. This helps documentation people write in their struggles stay relevant. Linux on the other hand, appears to have no solid consistency between subversions sometimes, making documentation written a year ago for 10.0 not work with 10.1 or 10.2 so doing anything rapidly isn't as easy any longer. Why does this matter, you should know what you're doing! Well mom and pop shops, and one man IT shops don't have that kind of time to re-learn everything all the time.

Comment Rippoff (Score 1) 550

When I get a better experience on a $120 tablet from Wal-mart why not.

The surface tablets were marketed as being 100-200 dollar devices, and no word about being locked down as bad as they are.

A guy even wrote an x86 exe stack for the RT but microsoft cant? thats pathetic.

I'm sure there are reasons, but at least try!

Comment Re:HP DVD Drives (Score 1) 330

Back in the day to get higher read speeds some drives had multiple heads (up to 5 i think?) to rip at higher speeds. These were around the time disks would explode. I think we got up to 50x-70x read speeds back then. But yes, the majority have one head that may or may not include more than one laser such as a bluray drive.

Comment Re:HP DVD Drives (Score 1) 330

I like a lot of it, but hate a lot of it too. They need to step up and re-double their effort for Windows 9 and do it yesterday. Fix some really, reaallyyyy stupid bugs that have plauged daily life in IT shops.

The start screen is a joke too. But you get over it, my co-workers have. We run Seven usually.

It is what it is.

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