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Comment Applying Science to Outdated Socioeconomic Systems (Score 1) 760

We know the problems, we have the solutions. The issue with getting these scientific solutions out there for mass consideration is that the media is mostly owned by the same small group of "1%", the richest among the population that do not represent the rest of us. If solutions are devised, which they have been, and these solutions undermine and replace the cancerous capitalism and market systems, then those upholding the status quo would actively ignore these solutions, and propagate false reports and propaganda to deter people from looking away from the current systems. After all, they own the media, they own the politicians, they can and do whatever they like to THEIR advantage, not ours. The systems in use today were built to benefit the 1% and turn the rest of us into wage and debt slaves. The capitalist system is modern slavery. I urge you, yes you reading this right now, to research fractional reserve banking, watch Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward free online, and look up The Venus Project and a RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY.

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