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Comment Re:Misleading (Score 1) 143

Those digital cable boxes send your channel information back to the provider. They don't know if you are actually watching, but they do know what you're tuned to. HDMI might allow the box to know if the TV is on. The ISP service knows where your packets are going to and coming from (eg Netflix). In any case, your provider has a very good idea of what their customers are watching.
Using "subscriber numbers" to describe the market is inaccurate and possibly deceitful.

Comment Full Spectrum Problem (Score 3, Insightful) 151

The choices include encrypting files (tar/gz/bz archives), directories, whole user directories, whole physical volumes, whole logical volumes, etc. One large enrypted volume means single point of failure: One key/password gives access to every file. More divisions means more keys/passwords, but less access if one is compromised. Therefore, server level encryption is appropriate if one person is responsible for the entire contents on the server(s).

Comment Re:Notable Analyst? (Score 1) 232

shill (n.) Look up shill at
        "one who acts as a decoy for a gambler, auctioneer, etc.," 1916, probably originally circus or carnival argot, probably a shortened form of shillaber (1913) with the same meaning, origin unknown. The verb is attested from 1914. Related: Shilled; shilling.

So I should have said: "he probably owns investments under other peoples names and wants to sell them to suckers at a high price."

Comment Re:There is no civil war in Ukraine, stop lying (Score 1) 70

The problem is that the Ukrainian government does not recognize an
individual's God-given right of freedom of speech, freedom to peaceably
assemble, fredom of religion; or their right to bear arms. It was very sad to see
Ukrainians helpless against Russian invaders, since most Ukrainians aren't
allowed to possess firearms. Ukraine does not have citizen soldiers, it has
serfs ruled over by professional soldiers with a sham Democracy. The only real
difference the invasion has made is a change in language of the oppressor.

Comment Re:infrastructure (Score 2) 209

Step 1: Eliminate the "franchise fee" local government collects from cable companie(s). It's part of the Communications Act of 1984.
Either that or tar and feather your local elected officials for being greedy and helping the cable companies screw their customers.
Step 2: Convince your state government to eliminate telephone monopolies. It's been about 100 years and POTS buildout is now *shrinking*. So no need to encourage landline usage by keeping telephone monopolies.

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