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Comment Re:Ok.. now if there were OSS engines of this qual (Score 1) 75

Ogre I believe is strictly graphics (maybe stretching out a bit more than that, but definitely far from a complete engine).. and Irrlitch is definitely not in the same league. Having said that, I'm not sure something like this would show up anytime soon. If a group came together and started working on an open source engine, and actually got to the point of these commercial engines, they'd probably realize their worth and switch to a pay-for model. Sadly a lot of software i've seen has done this. Start out free, get attention, get a user base, then switch to a pay model.

Comment Getting sick of... (Score 1) 419

I'm really getting sick of 'rushed' releases with open source / free software. I found an issue with VLC player's RC3 release (the issue was around for RC1&2 as well, but I reported it during RC3). It was acknowledged, and confirmed by another user. RC4 got released, I bumped the thread saying the problem still existed in RC4. Now VLC 1.0 has been released, and the issue still stands. It's a problem with WMV's audio skipping/glitching up. It's not a complaint about VLC. VLC is really great. It's just really about practices of software releases that seem to be getting worse and worse lately. Rushing through the beta phase, and ignoring pretty big functionality problems just to get a new release out in time. I understand these guys are usually not getting paid for their work, but it makes more sense to make good solid releases rather than just releasing, and then patching a few weeks later. Having said that, VLC's newest release does fix major gripes I've had with the previous versions of the application, and I look forward to new releases.

Comment Re:Better than mplayer? (Score 1) 488

I've used Windows media player. I've used VLC. I've used SMPlayer (the gui frontend of mplayer) WMP plays maybe 60% of the stuff I have. It's easy to use, and is user friendly. WMP 12 (Windows 7) Is absolutely terrible, hard to navigate, unprofessional, and lacking. VLC Player: plays everything I have, except FLV (if I remember correctly).. Settings are NOT user friendly. Has horrible quirks about it, such as resizing the video window every damn time a new video starts. Glitches the sound/video for a couple seconds while seeking. Pretty MEH interface. I would like to have a playlist that integrates with the main player, as well. SM/MPlayer: plays everything I have flawlessly. The settings are a BREEZE to flip through. They all make sense. Nice options available, the interface looks good. However, this is not without cons. Because SMPlayer is just the frontend, it opens two processes.. the GUI and the MPlayer backend. This causes a slightly noticable delay upon opening the application, and interacting with the movie (seeking, etc). It also causes crashes when they get confused with one another and they both decide to crash. Another thing I noticed is that the keyboard controls are TERRIBLE. SHIFT + keys are required to change videos. Every other application known to man just requires N or something similar. Verdict: I've stopped using WMP completely. I've stopped using VLC because of the quirks. I use SMPlayer right now, but as VLC improves I may switch back, because it feels more responsive. If the SMPlayer gui was integrated with MPlayer more tightly, and the keyboard controls were changed, I would absolutely keep it. I apologize.. Slashdot is not keeping my data in paragraph form.

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