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Submission + - Is Commercial Open Source Taking Over?

Reel Big Fish writes: Zenoss 2.0 was released yesterday and I am finally dumping Nagios. Zenoss is backed by a VC-backed company and Nagios is backed by one small company. I sort of feel bad for these open source projects with a few guys are losing out to these new companies. Is it still worth it to work on an open source project or are these new commercial open source companies taking over?

Submission + - Toshiba develops new NAND Flash technology

morpheus83 writes: Toshiba has developed a new three dimensional memory cell array structure that enhances cell density and data capacity without relying on advances in process technology, and with minimal increase in the chip die size. In the new structure, pillars of stacked memory elements pass vertically through multi-stacked layers of electrode material and utilize shared peripheral circuits. The design is a potential candidate technology for meeting future demand for higher density NAND flash memory.

Submission + - Court Makes Sweden a Piracy Haven? (insidebet.com)

eebra82 writes: "According to Swedish news paper Aftonbladet, a Swedish citizen has been convicted for downloading copyrighted material. He has been ordered to pay $2,900 for his misdoings. Ironically, the verdict may have an opposing effect as to what the prosecutor expected to accomplish. According to Swedish law, Police is allowed to do house searches and request IP address information only if the suspected crime is so high on the crime scale that the suspect may face jail time. Since piracy apparently only results in fines, Swedish police can theoretically only arrest those who turn themselves in. In other words, Sweden may have become a piracy haven now that the police can do virtually nothing to prove that a person is breaking the law. It also seems that the Swedish people are strongly against anti-piracy raids. According to a poll with over 26,000 votes, more than 91% voted against the police' and law enforcers' attempts to stop piracy. Information is available in Swedish here and here."

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