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Comment Re:Now thats a performance... (Score 2) 271

Panama - Van Halen

Relevant Drew Carey episode:

"Celia returns from an out-of-town trip and learns about Drew's fight with Winfred-Louder. She offers her support. The store recruits Mimi to try to drive Drew out of the house. She points blinding lights at the house and constantly blasts "Panama" by Van Halen."



Comment WDTV Live is the best! (Score 2) 420

Another happy WDTV Live user here. I have this exact model, purchased in November 2011:


Just set up a SMB or NFS share on any computer you want, and this device will play ANYTHING you can throw at it (including flv, at least in my experience). Has 100Mb ethernet, N wifi, HDMI out, optical out, USB port, and a remote.

It will talk to a "media server" if you really want it to (DLNA, etc), but I've found a simple file share is the way to go.

Comment Re:Already There (Score 1) 414

99% of the time it does nothing. But that 1% it's a useful tool indeed.

Ah, that may be true with seatbelts, but not true with guns. There are 3 states in which a gun can exist:

1) Doing nothing
2) Being a useful tool
3) Being a danger to people you don't want it to be a danger to.

Seatbelts don't have a habit of accidentally killing people, or being so dangerous to possess that they're more likely to kill you or a member of your family than to be used successfully as a "useful tool" (in defense).

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