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Submission + - MS Sneaks Out Patch for Critical Vulnerability

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently Microsoft tried to sneak out an extra patch, with the January security bulletins, correcting another critical vulnerability affecting everything from Internet Explorer 6/7 to the Outlook email client. According to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-004 only one vulnerability was fixed. However, looking at this Secunia security advisory updated today an additional vulnerability was fixed: "2) A signedness error in the Vector Markup Language (VML) implementation when handling shape types can be exploited to reference user-controlled memory and cause a memory corruption, which may allow execution of arbitrary code."

Submission + - Nanobatteries - Away with Exploding Batteries

Iddo Genuth writes: "A new, safer type of Li-Ion nanobattery that might help prevent future fires and explosions related to conventional Li-Ion battery use has been developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University. These nanobatteries should also prove useful for various micro devices used for medical, military and a range of other applications."

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