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Journal Journal: Dolphin all set to be included in KDE4

ArsTechnica carries an article on Dolphin, the new file manager which will debut with much awaited KDE4.The screenshot definitely looks promising.As dolphin will be the default file manager for KDE4, it certainly does not mean Konqueror has been displace.Knoqueror is still one of the most advanced file managers out there, among the FOSS community. More at
Red Hat Software

Journal Journal: Fedora-what?

On the OpenLDAP Project we've taken a lot of flack about having outdated, clunky, badly performing software for a long time, thanks in large part to the obsolete releases that RedHat and other distros bundled in their offerings. People have said that RedHat acquired the old Netscape assets because OpenLDAP wasn't adequate for their needs. Of course, those people have no idea what they're talking about; OpenLDAP slapd was massively refactored in OpenLDAP 2.1 over 6 years ago, yielding a couple


Journal Journal: Tuquito GNU/Linux on Intel's Classmate PC

Tuquito GNU/Linux announced it version of Tuquito adapted to Intel's Classmate PC ( This version (Release 1) had been design to fortify learning in school with computing tools, as a desktop PC, but portable.
This version includes almost all software that desktop version in 1.4GB of 2GB NAND flash. It's was compiled from scratch with "-OS" compiler optimization.
Here a

Journal Journal: Stop advertise SCO

As you all know, positive advertising is good, but negative is just better. I can't understand why there are still articles related to SCO mafia even the content is negative. They are idiotic racketeers and any mention about them, only helps to make their thing done. As I look in the textarea in the journal entry post form, IBM is in the spellchecker dictionary and SCO is underlined as an unknown word. Forget them please. Paul Graham wrote nice article

Journal Journal: Vertical Farming

New York Magazine has an interesting article about vertical farming, or growing food in skyscrapers. Dr. Dickson Despommier of Columbia University believes that "vertical farm" skyscrapers could help fight global warming. The article points out other uses: growing food in close proximity to cities, recycling urban waste, growing more food with less land and resources, sheltering food from pests without chemicals, and producing energy th

Journal Journal: French high-speed train sets world record 357.2 mph

Today a French high-speed train known as TGV set a world speed record for conventional trains of 357.2 miles per hour. That is quite impressive. In my view, trains at this kind of speed would be competitive with commuter aircraft for the types of routes that both transportation systems serve. It seems that high speed train systems would work economically in par
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Journal Journal: Google blunders April Fools Joke

Google tried to publicize their Google Paper (Printed Gmail) today, as an April Fool's Joke - not realising that in India, the Postal Service actually prints and delivers email! They now have a lot of Indians actually believing the joke!
The Internet

Journal Journal: 10 Reasons Why Your Website Will Never Make A Dime If you've picked up any business magazines within the last year, you've undoubtedly heard the rumors that everyone is getting rich online. Yet, somehow even after you worked so hard to scrape together a website and found some fabulous widget to sell your online venture has yielded little to no money, Why? eBizMBA surveyed over 250 webmasters with sites ranked in the Al
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Journal Journal: SANS Says Cursor Exploit Nails Vista. 2

An, animated cursor flaw will have IE users crying:

The flaw is present on virtually the entire line of Windows OSes, including Vista, which has been held up as Redmond's poster child for safe computing. According to McAfee, Windows users browsing malicious sites using IE versions 6 or 7 risk having arbitrary code run on their machines. Those using Firefox are not vulnerable.

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