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Comment Re:They takin ma jerbs (Score 1) 344

I saw this happening in other telecom companies back in the 1990's. At that time they had a 1:3 to 1:5 manager/work ratio at every level. One director would be in the same room with three managers each of whom supervised one or two senior engineers who in turned supervised three or more line engineers (or it could be the help-desk manager and help-desk staff). The senior managers just really maintained spreadsheets containing the task plans of the engineers, printing them out to put in the in-tray of their director would would approve them and put them back in the managers in-tray, who would then hand them to the senior engineers. All of those management levels just got flattened.

Back in the 1990's, Wall Street called it "getting rid of the dead wood".

Comment Re:Reverse the role (Score 0) 548

Creating a google email address is mandatory for using an Android smartphone, even if you don't want to use your existing google email. So you just create a sockpuppet account that is never used. Just keep bashing in usernames until something is found that isn't used. Sometime it will add some numbers onto the end of the name as alternatives.

Comment Re:Reverse the role (Score 2) 548

People are that stupid.
I have a domain name that seems to be attractive enough that people want an address on it. And some start using the e-mail address before attempting to acquire the e-mail address. This is especially sad when I get e-mails from friends and relatives of a person.
However, I do not bounce e-mail the sender to tell them that the e-mail is wrong. Once I did that and was threatened with lawyers for "stealing" someone's e-mail...

In other words, there are few limits to how stupid people are. And we still allow them near computers. What could possibly go wrong?

Comment Re:can you get dolby atmos or dts-x on 70MM or is (Score 1) 191

Audio for movies is actually stored as barcode type data on each frame of the film. This saved the hassle factor of having to synchronize two reels of film and audio - it was enough grief and aggro trying to synchronize two separate reels of the same movie. The size of the film frame dictates the size of the amount of audio information that can be stored. They actually use a laser and CCD sensor to read the audio tracks.


Comment Re:The Hateful Eight (Score 1) 191

CinemaScope and other widescreen formats were designed for the viewers to see panoramic scenes like mountains and wide open country. True quality color was another obvious improvement, along with stereo sound. 70mm film has the advantage of having a higher dynamic range, resolution and colour gamut that the digital systems.

Films that used 70mm in the past include: “Star Wars” trilogy, ”Tron” (1982) and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” [1988]) but during that period, it was employed on such classics as “White Christmas” (1954), “The Ten Commandments” (1956) and “One-Eyed Jacks” (1961).

"One director who made especially good use of it was Alfred Hitchcock, who utilized the process on “To Catch a Thief” (1955), “The Trouble with Harry” (1955), “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1956), “Vertigo” (1958) and “North by Northwest” (1959). Of those films, “Vertigo” remains his most impressive use of the format for how it allowed him to use color as a way of further evoking the emotional and psychological journey that he put both his characters and his audience through. Throughout the film, he uses specific colors to underscore certain moods—from the blue for James Stewart’s guilt over the death in the opening scene that he feels responsible for, to the green that comes to represent Kim Novak, the focus of the eventual obsession that threatens to destroy him, to the bright reds that turn up from time to time to serve as unheeded warnings. The deep and rich depictions of these colors made possible by VistaVision are both gorgeous and terrifying to behold."

Comment Re: is 40% high (Score 3, Informative) 211

Entry level graduate earns around 250K NOK (Norwegian Kronor). Senior Engineer earns around 550K NOK.

Mobile smartphones are between 5000 and 6000 NOK. Mobile network connection seemed to come in two bills of about 1500NOK each. Electricity bills were split up into network/distribution and production but didn't cost more than 600NOK/quarter. Internet access costs would be subsidized by the employer. Weekly shopping is around 800NOK for one person (Meny, Rema1000) but use-by-dates were only a couple of days, as everything is imported from the rest of Europe.

There's a vehicle import duty of 25K NOK, so everyone usually ends up buying the high-end range of cars and vans - with large touchscreen at the center of the vehicle. Homes started at 250K NOK. Student places rent for 700NOK, luxury apartments 1500NOK.

You have all the catalog brand names: H&M's, Dressmann. Narvesen is the equivalent of WH Smiths and convenience stores. They stock newspapers, confectionary, magazines as well as hot food like hot dogs wrapped in bacon.

Comment Re:Flat out something (Score 2) 104

Basically it sounds like Consumer Watchdog wants Amazon to incorporate camelcamelcamel's price history directly into Amazon. While that would be convenient (I have the extension on my main browser, but not on every browser like my phone), I don't see why Amazon should be singled out with this requirement when no other store has to do it.

That can still be gamed.
What if the CEOs of two stores in, say, Delaware, each have the store buy a thousand $3 fidget spinners at $30 from each other? When they then sell them for $9.99, reduced from $30, they take the $20.01 off as losses against the $27 gain from the first sale.

Comment Re:Flat out something (Score 2) 104

Basically it sounds like Consumer Watchdog wants Amazon to incorporate camelcamelcamel's price history directly into Amazon. While that would be convenient (I have the extension on my main browser, but not on every browser like my phone), I don't see why Amazon should be singled out with this requirement when no other store has to do it.

In some countries, Amazon has to do the equivalent. So they already have systems in place that are working.

So this boils down to an argument of "it's unfair if I can't be deceptive in the US when others can". I don't think that's a good argument, and that Amazon would be better off in the long run supporting that everybody should be held to high standards.

Comment Re:Flat out something (Score 1) 104

This is also the case in some US states. For example, Los Angeles has figured out how to use California law on advertised discounts to chase down major retailers

Yes, but unfortunately, there are loopholes, like:

My store sets a ridiculously high sales price on a TV.
Me and my wife buys one each, then return them a couple of weeks later for a full refund. In fact, some buyers do this on a regular basis to get a new gadget every few weeks. Most stores hate those customers, but some stores welcome a low number, because they can be used to fix the "before" price. Some sucker will buy the open box item at just 10% above market price, because it's a 30% "discount".

For this, a clause that returned items do not count is needed.

I have two stores.
I tell store A to buy a ridiculously high priced TV from store B.
I tell store B to buy a ridiculously high priced TV from store A.

That's why the unaffiliated clause needs to be added.

For the second case, it gets even worse if the stores then can sell the same goods "at a loss", and count that loss against their taxes.

Comment Flat out something (Score 5, Insightful) 104

"Prices found" does not equate to sales prices.
Some countries with actual consumer protection requires "before" prices to be a price that had multiple actual sales to unaffiliated entities, not just what it was announced at or sold internally at.
If I announce my fridge for sale for $50,000, and next week for $150, that's not a $49,850 discount.

Comment Re:Not common?: The U.S.isn't the world (Score 1) 93

Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population and this rate is pretty much constant over the whole world and through history.

I tried to find a source for that, but failed. Do you have one?

It seems problematic to say that any rate is prevalent in the world, given that schizophrenia is a rather loose diagnosis where the definition varies based on locality.
In some parts of the world, having a mental health diagnosis carries a significant stigma and is avoided, unlike in other parts of the world.
And in some countries, like the US, allow MDs to give diagnoses in fields they have no qualifications for, and how well-meaning doctors knowingly set a dubious diagnosis to get insurance companies to pay for treatments and therapies that the patient otherwise would be refused. (This happened in my family, where a relative with celebral palsy could not get anger management therapy paid for with that diagnosis, even though it was the cause. But schizophrenia qualified, so after discussions with a doctor, that diagnosis was added, knowing that it was wrong. +1 for schizophrenia statistics.)

Comment Re:Rolling Release (Score 1) 163

Meanwhile the people who use their computers to get work done use the LTS releases, Debian stable, CentOS, etc.

Very different definitions of Long Term for those.
Debian: 5 years
CentOS: 10 years upstream support
Red Hat: 10 years plus 4+ years of extended lifecycle support at extra cost.

In many fields, 5 year isn't enough. The cost and complexity of replacing legacy software and hardware can be a showstopper. If you work in manufacturing, you have to be able to support customer installations that's more than 10 years old. Including being able to run development environments that actually work with the hardware in question, even if newer OSes have dropped all support. Say someone publishes a way to hack all 2006 model cars from a big manufacturer. They want to provide a fix, but may need their 2006 systems running to do so.
Or banking, where they sometimes need to scan old microfiches or even punch cards, especially when one bank in the past engulfed another and not everything got nicely integrated. Got a handy hollerith driver or SANE fiche scanner plugin for Debian?

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