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Comment Re:It's the risk you take (Score 1) 179

Cloud cuckoo land? Precisely right. I read her blog posting and some of the comments. Her cognitive community Believes In Karma. Somewhere amongst the four forces there lurks a cosmic accountant. OK, whatever. In my universe, reality is a bitch. It probably takes her and me to make a society. I think she's an idiot, she thinks I'm a brute. Oh well.

Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 1) 291

Did Tina Fey tell you that she could see stupid and ignorant from the Tea Party?

Looting has been tried before, Skippy. Sooner or later you run out of other people's money, and then there's hell to pay. There's more to macroeconomics than "you've got it, I want it, hand it over" class warfare. Read some Bastiat.

Comment Re:Nonpolluting straw burning? (Score 2, Interesting) 183

There's a critical difference.The straw enterprise is C02-neutral on an annualized basis. The carbon in the straw was C02 a year ago. And now it's C02 again, big deal.

There are hazardous substances associated with most every form of energy generation. There's U, Th, K40 and other radionuclides in a coal smokestack. The emissions from a coal plant would get a nuclear plant shut down instantly. There would be mass evacuations if enough radiation leaked from a nuclear plant to be comparable to the everyday background in Denver. And don't even get me started on the DHMO hazards associated with hydroelectric power. That stuff kills thousands in the US every year.

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