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Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 2, Informative) 357

Um... [tap tap tap]... hello? Ever tried this thing called Google? Amazing what you can find...

Computer monitor with HDMI input

DVI/HD Audio to HDMI with audio converter

You can argue that they aren't TVs but there are devices that are advertised as TVs without tuners designed for use with Cable/Satellite. Here is one (notice the category it's under)

Comment Re:if they do that (Score 1) 476

Microsoft has been rewriting many apps in .NET Office 2007, (most of) VS2008, (all of) VS2010, Windows Media Center, and probably many others. I'd guess the small apps like the games and calc. Of course the kernel will never be and I'll bet even some of the above apps link to native code but I wonder if MS is positioning itself to be able to move to other architectures more easily.

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