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Comment Re:That's ok (Score 2) 211

There's just too many variables involved. I'm glad they're doing opt-in instead of opt-out - that's the mainstay of my comments significance.

Right now, there's no precedent that a government organisation could effectively deal with a situation like this without breaking everything. Is it ok if they do a drug bust, and 1 out of 23 innocent people die? Collateral damage by the government has to be mitigated as much as possible.

I'm not saying that we can't trust the government to do anything. I think the FBI is doing a good job so far, and I'm looking forward to their results. But caution on the part of commentators, I think, is a good idea. It's far from a simple, surefire action. It is likely it will be, but there are variables that they can't control for.

Oversight of government actions is what is critical - not avoiding government action or permitting excessive government action.

Comment Why are we choosing between the two? (Score 1) 720

A CLI is really awesome if you're looking to automate repetitive tasks.

A GUI is really awesome if you want see different information from different sources, and make specific actions that cannot be automated.

The two of them need to coexist - use the best tool for the job, which could be either a CLI or a GUI.

Comment Re:Ugh.. (Score 1) 307

I'm a Canadian, but I don't keep up on Canadian politics much.

All I know about the Conservatives in Canada so far is:

They don't support Net Neutrality
They don't support Abortion rights. They don't want to ban it, but they want to defund it.
They oppose same-sex marriage, but not same-sex unions. Bullshit political posturing.

So I submit to you that they are not the best.

They may be second best though: although the NDP is less crazy lately, they make even the Liberals seem trustworthy.

Also, Harper seems to be a huge douche, and I don't think represents our country well at all. If only I had known, I would have moved back home sooner!

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