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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 171

Yeah, I just got a grooveshark anywhere account a few months ago. It integrates nicely with Clementine (KDE music player) and XBMC. The nice part of the xbmc extension is that you can queue whatever in with your local music in party mode, keeping party guests from axing the playlist and throwing a keyboard around to listen to music using youtube videos (kids these days...). Unlike spotify, there's no proprietary library and DRM. Just an authenticated REST api and rate limited mp3s (+ api calls to keep it streaming). Which is how it should be (ideally with Vorbis, but that's because I'm a no good fsfnik).

Submission + - Netflix open sources internal threat monitoring tools

alphadogg writes: Netflix has released three internal tools it uses to catch hints on the Web that hackers might target its services.
“Many security teams need to stay on the lookout for Internet-based discussions, posts and other bits that may be of impact to the organizations they are protecting,” wrote Andy Hoernecke and Scott Behrens of Netflix’s Cloud Security Team. http://techblog.netflix.com/20... One of the tools, called Scumblr, can be used to create custom searches of Google sites, Twitter and Facebook for users or keywords.

Submission + - MediaGoblin 0.7.0 "Time Traveler's Delight" released

paroneayea writes: The GNU MediaGoblin folks have put out another release of their free software media hosting platform, dubbed 0.7.0: Time Traveler's Delight. The new release moves closer to federation by including a new upload API based on the Pump API, a new theme labeled "Sandy 70s Speedboat", metadata features, bulk upload, a more responsive design, and many other fixes and improvements. This is the first release since the recent crowdfunding campaign run with the FSF which was used to bring on a full time developer to focus on federation, among other things.

Submission + - Disney Wants a Drone Army

Clark Schultz writes: Disney has applications in to the USPTO for patentscovering the potential use of drones at air shows. The company has its eyes on using the drones to propel floating projection screens and marionettes as part of a programmed show. The company filed for the patents through its Disney Enterprises Inc. subsidiary.

Submission + - Lockpickers Invent 3D-Printed Plastic Skeleton Key To Crack High Security Locks (ibtimes.co.uk)

concertina226 writes: In TV shows such as Prison Break, and movies throughout history, people have escaped prisons by making a mould of the necessary key by pressing it into a bar of soap, and then filling the mould with plastic from a melted toothbrush or some other fanciful, though non-believable, material.

But what if you could actually make a skeleton key out of plastic?

Jos Weyers and Christian Holler, competitive lock-pickers and security consultants, have found a way to use the traditional lock-picking technique of "bumping", where key blanks are "bumped" into the lock by tapping the end of the key with a hammer.

Even without the original key, the lockpickers have found a way to create a 3D model of a high-security key and print it onto a plastic key that works multiple times.

Submission + - Chrome 37 Launches With DirectWrite Support For Better-Looking Fonts On Windows

An anonymous reader writes: Google today released Chrome version 37 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Among the changes are better-looking fonts on Windows and a revamped password manager; you can update to the latest release now using the browser’s built-in silent updater, or download it directly from google.com/chrome.

Submission + - gcc LTO reduces firefox package size by 50% (gnu.org) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Link Time Optimization used to be a lot of promise for little gain, and typically unable to deal with packages in the MSLOC range. Seemingly no longer. Reported in gcc's bugzilla is an impressive result for firefox:
'Firefox since version 30 as well as Thunderbird since version 31 both compile fine with LTO enabled without the need of any additional patches. The package size was reduced by 51% (firefox ~420MB -> ~207MB) and 59% (thunderbird ~480MB -> ~200MB). Both programs work as intended, no crashes or unexpected behaviour so far.'
Has time come to rebuild the world using LTO ?

Submission + - LGOGDownloader is a Command Line Downloader for GOG

jones_supa writes: Webupd8 reports about a rather cool tool for fans of Linux command line and GOG.com. LGOGDownloader allows you to download your games purchased from GOG straight from the CLI, lean and mean. Internally the software uses the same API as the official GUI downloader, which unfortunately is not yet available for Linux. LGOGDownloader can download GOG.com games (including language-specific installers if available), list and download updated files, resume unfinished downloads, repair downloaded installers, download extras such as artwork or manuals, and more. It carries the WTFPL license, which essentially means that the software is public domain.

Submission + - Steve Wozniak visits Israel, experiences rocket attack, "likes the action"... (jerusalemonline.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder visits Israel for an education conference, a topic which he says "had a profound impact on his life". He also visits the Israeli border town of Sderot, experiences a Hamas rocket attack, and says he likes to be "close to the action". There is also a 5 minute video interview.

Submission + - LiMux user says criticisms of Munich's Linux OS 'simply irrelevant' (cio.co.uk)

Qedward writes: The new mayor and deputy mayor of Munich don't like its custom-built Linux distribution, citing user complaints. However, the old mayor reported in 2012 monthly complaints dropped from 70 to a maximum of 46 as the LiMux OS was rolled out from 1,500 to 10,000 people — so should we believe the new officials (who may or may not be card-carrying Microsoft supporters)?

One LiMux user posted their views on the Suddeutsche Zeituing, saying the "much of the criticism of the system is simply irrelevant".

They said: "System faults under Windows were quite common before 2004. From my perspective, you have achieved success here — why chuck that in the bin?"

Submission + - a cluster (small beowulf) of arduinos! (vanheusden.com)

flok writes: We all love the arduino with its 2KB of RAM and not much more than 16MHz of speed. Normally we use only one in a project but a thought came to me: what if I take a couple of them and put those in a cluster? I started soldering and the result is 4 Arduinos connected to each other via an I2C bus and all directed by a Raspberry Pi. Together these 4 Arduinos calculate the Mandelbrot fractal, directed by the Raspberry Pi (it divides/schedules the work between the Arduinos). On my website you'll find a demonstration, schematics and all source code. In theory a cluster of at least 120 Arduinos could be setup. Electrical power is the limit!

Comment Re:im a music mixer in hollywood... (Score 1) 197

You can do that already (just add some linux nerdery): grab a cheap room correction mic and a bit of Free Software. I don't think it can help with speaker placement, unfortunately. There are spatial microphones intended to be used with an ambisonic mixing system, but they are pretty pricey. I kind of wonder how hard it would be to adapt room correction to deal with speaker placement too (I hear "very difficult" and "hope you paid attention in diff eq").

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