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Comment Re:Bad Article (Score 1) 250

Just mixing unusual ingredients wouldn't be enough for a patent though. You would have to come up with some new process of cooking, like freeze drying or liquid nitrogen baths or infusing the food with liquid oxygen and lighting it at the customer's table so it cooks in a few milliseconds and spreads itself around the room a bit.

Comment This is part one. (Score 5, Insightful) 145

This is part one of the process of introducing a draconian and unpopular new law. First you come up with something completely over the top and unacceptable. Then, over a few months you water it down here and there, chopping little bits, amending others, until you end up with something that is draconian and unpopular. But it'll be accepted because it's not as bad as the original plan which, by then, will be falsely seen as the alternative. It's a flaw in human logical thought that has been exploited by politicians since they first crawled out of the sewer.

Comment Re:Trying to figure out who the good guys are (Score 1) 219

You are missing a major and insurmountable reason why FRAND can not be used by GPL products - by its very nature any GPL license is automatically carried forward from user to user, transferred down the line from whoever originally writes the code through each redistributor, to whoever ends up using it. This is not possible with a FRAND license because it requires an explicit license to each distributor. This means that FRAND is utterly incompatible with FRAND and there is nothing that can change this.

Comment Re:Need for change... (Score 1) 1040

I think tablets ARE the way of the future - they do everything that about 90% of people use their home PCs for. I'd love to have one so I don't have to traipse off to the PC every time I want to use the web but while my PC works it's just a waste of money to fork out £££s to replace something that works perfectly well. But in the current climate, I'm not spending money on things I don't need. I'm sure I'm not the only one and I think this is the reason they aren't selling like they should.

Comment I'm going to make my own (Score 1) 192

None of the thermostats I've seen (not that I've looked that hard) have the one feature I want: a button that raises the set temperature by 2 degrees C for 30 minutes and then lowers is back to normal over the next hour. It would please the ladies who want an instant blast of heat while not annoying the chaps who don't want the house heated to tropical levels all day when it doesn't get turned back to normal.

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