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Comment Motorless gliders can be thrown higher than 200` (Score 1) 142

While RC gliders are not drones I am concerned that they be clumped into these drone restrictions. DLG RC gliders are 1.5m sailplanes without motors. They are thrown like a discus with a peg in the wing to hold onto for the spin and release. They do have servos to control the surfaces but they do not have a motor to propel them. Once they are thrown you must search for thermals to keep them up and go higher. Top DLG RC pilots can throw them 240 to 280 feet right from the ground which is already over their highly restrictive limit. It is ridiculous that some commercial company comes by and tries to dictate that we now must fly below 200 feet so that they can use the space above that for their commercial drone use.

Comment Already being done (cloud seeding) (Score 1) 367

Countries (including US) are actively doing things to adjust the climate already. The sad part is we are already doing things to influence the climate that we have no clue how we are affecting things in the long term. We can't even come to a real conclusion on global warming and what is causing it... let alone figuring out what would happen if we try to correct it or adjust it purposefully. Even if we could adjust the climate temperature it could just be building us up for a much bigger natural adjustment to compensate.

Comment Re:All cloud services story needs this in the head (Score 1) 145

That is correct. There are things that I deem not important but nice to have with an unlimited plan. Car DVR recordings (I never even look at them honestly), some movie backups (I can recreate them if i had to), full system backups (encrypted of course and financial stuff not stored in them) older than 2 years, etc. If the storage is unlimited I was just going to always store everything I have had.

Comment Re:All cloud services story needs this in the head (Score 1) 145

Unlimited... "for now" Take bitcasa as an example. I bought the unlimited plan a few years ago and just renewed a month ago at $99 a year. They just sent an email that I have until around mid November to get all my data out by around mid November or the data will be deleted unless I subscribe to the new 10 TB plan for $99 a month. There is no chance I could afford that so I am forced to remove my data. Luckily I had most of it already local otherwise it would take a long time to download all of my data from the cloud. I have decided not to be suckered into this one either. I have a feeling Microsoft is just trying to sway people to their online storage and Office suite. Give it 4 or 5 years and I wonder if they might do the same thing (remove unlimited).

Comment What about legitimate uses? (Score 1) 195

While I have never used the software mentioned... It does sound like I would use something like it eventually. I would install that on my kids systems when they get old enough that I allow them to use them unattended in a heartbeat for monitoring. All cellphones usually have an audio recorder. Should all phone makers also be arrested for selling devices that can record conversations without notification to others that they are being recorded? There should already be laws that can apply to be people for using devices like this illegally. They should be the target... not software that still has useful purposes. Should we arrest hammer makers, knife makers, email software developers, because their software can and is used for nefarious purposes?

Comment Already being done I suspect... (Score 1) 118

Do you really think the CIA (or some other group) doesn't already do this? $10000 for an exploit to use against an enemy (or friend?) of the government... I doubt they even flinch when making a decision to buy something like that (disguising their identity of course). They wouldn't advertise such behavior and surely it would be protected from most of the government knowing about it because of the sensitive nature of it. We just wouldn't ever know such things.

Comment Shooter reveals his location and a defense (Score 1) 188

Put a bunch of laser light sensors into the armys jackets, helmets and pants that would detect a laser light sweeping the person targetted and then immediately respond by shooting the same color laser down toward the ground from the helmet to make the bullet have to guess what the real target is (a bunch of dots preferably). While doing that the direction and location of the shooter could be determined by the sensors so retaliation could be swift. Or in cartoon style just have the sensors automatically make a laser of the same frequence that was detected shine a bunch of dots on the ground and direct the bullet back to the source laser transmission to take out the shooter :).

Comment The data does not get transmitted across distances (Score 1) 202

After reading a bunch of articles on this it seems like the general public really doesn't understand that the data does not get transmitted across distances. The encoding of the data was done at entanglement time.

You take 2 envelopes. Write the word UP and DOWN on two separate pieces of paper, mix them up and put them in an envelope. Send them to two different locations. Open one envelope and you will have the opposite reading in the other envelope which could be miles or light years away. As far as transmitting data this is more inline with what is happening.

Comment Re: Fishy (Score 1) 566

1. Unless that was part of the plan to misdirect.
2. Only if it gets found out.
3. I certianly wouldn't trust it after the information in the article.

Certainly this software has caused all kinds of difficulties with some government organizations being able to get to encrypted data they have confiscated/accessed. Those government organizations certainly want people to use something that has a backdoor in it. It has already been shown that the government has compromised other encryption schemes... what makes you think they have stopped doing that?

It is possible some organization (government controlled) pushed them to close down. XP support ending just gave them at least some reason why to do so. By posting what they did on the website even if Trucrypt is resurrected it will always have this stain in it's history where the developers have stated it is not secure. No company is going to want to use this software after a warning like that from the developers.

Comment Re:Nitrogen asphyxiation, if you must execute (Score 1) 483

I wonder if the reason simple ideas are not used is because the states don't have the expertise to say what to use so they have to hire some third party to come up with a way to do it. The company coming up with the idea feels they need to come up with a complex mixture to use to justify the money they were paid to come up with the idea or maybe they have contacts with a chemical company that they would recommend :). I am sure it has something to do with money somewhere... someone wanting to make some.

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