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Comment Re:Freedom of Speech / Freedom to Listen? (Score 1) 169

Why don't they just give you a NAT'ed address and be done with it forever.

This is probably one of the reasons for server ban clauses these days — if they do decide to go to carrier-grade NAT rather than, say, actually getting IPv6 working, then they can dismiss complaints of breakage with "you shouldn't have been running a server anyway"...

Submission + - Sony Couldn't Afford To Bundle Its Camera With The PS4 (

jfruh writes: The Playstation Camera, Sony's answer to Microsoft's Kinect, was originally planned to come bundled with the PS4, but Sony now admits why that isn't happening: they simply couldn't afford it. The company was very determined to get the PS4 on shelves at a $399 price point. Even without the camera, they'll be losing $60 on every PS4 sale. Gamers who really want to use the camera controller can shell out extra for it.

Submission + - Joe Montana: A Most Unlikely Investor in Open Source (

onehitwonder writes: Legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, who won four superbowl rings, is hoping to score in another Bay Area pastime--technology investing, according to Bloomberg. Montana has invested in open source enterprise software maker CoreOS, after meeting founder Alex Polvi at a Y Combinator showcase in August. Celebrities, whether those affiliated with sports or entertainment, are increasingly getting into the Silicon Valley startup scene as investors. Others include Ashton Kutcher (now that he played Steve Jobs, he knows everything about technology), Will Ferrell (who knew?) and Leonardi DiCaprio (if he can afford to buy an island...).

Submission + - Alcatel-Lucent to Cut 10,000 Workers - Calls it Shift Plan

Dawn Kawamoto writes: Alcatel-Lucent is planning to cut 10,000 workers by 2015. The telecom equipment maker's newly minted CEO calls this restructuring part of his Shift Plan. The employees who are getting axed, however, may think it's a typo and he should have dropped the "f" from Shift. Under this plan, Alcatel-Lucent wants to save 1 billion Euros in costs and refocus its operations on next-gen IP networking, cloud and ultra-broadband access and away from legacy technologies like its 2G and 3G wireless. In the meantime, Wall Street thinks it may be cleaning itself up for a sale of some of its assets or its operations to Nokia, which will need to bolster its telecom equipment business after selling its smartphone operations to Microsoft. But Nokia-Microsoft deal may be too little, too late.

Submission + - Freemium, In-App Purchases and the Psychology of Gaming (

An anonymous reader writes: The 'freemium genie' cannot be put back in the bottle, says video game consultant and author Nicholas Lovell, but he insists there is still money to be made if developers understand the psychology of gaming and human nature.

Comment Re:Community and OS declined, I switched to OSX. (Score 1) 631

But what about the incomplete keyboard on the Macs?

On the laptops, yes — but just about every laptop seems to be the same, sadly.

On the desktop, you get a full keyboard if you spec your Mac with the wired keyboard. The wireless one is only available in the incomplete laptop style. (Why Apple can't make a wireless version is beyond me)

You may need to order direct from Apple, or buy through an Apple Store to do that, as anybody else selling Macs is likely to only have the standard configs, and I think only the Mac Pro specifies the wired keyboard as standard these days.

Comment Re:Officer dickhead is a dickhead. (Score 1) 1440

You're nuts. I've been driving a manual transmission for my entire life and was *never* told to put the hand brake on at a red light. In fact, I was specifically told not to, because it takes time to disengage and can impede traffic if you have it on when the signal turns to green.

I was taught to use the hand brake at a red light; mind you, I'm in the UK where the light goes from red to green via red and amber shown simultaneously, as a "get ready to go" warning.

Keeping your foot on the brake at traffic lights might have been OK before high-level brake lights were a common thing, but these days it's just a great way to annoy the guy behind you — especially at night.

(Aside: wow, I had to type — rather than just typing an em dash. It's only 2013 — who needs UTF-8 support?)

Comment Re:should of killed the DRM system (Score 1) 138

nowadays though, a read the manual copyprotection would be a refreshing change

Nowadays, getting a printed manual would be a refreshing change.

Even with console games, you're lucky to get a list of controls, with the rest of the docs appearing as in-game tutorials. Most of the booklet is dire warnings about copyright infringement, health warnings and other legal CYA.

Comment Re:It would be nice if you could actually BUY one (Score 1) 64

I backed Pebble on Kickstarter and my grey one's only recently moved to the "processing shipment" stage. So you might want to not hold your breath if you want to order right now :)

The last Kickstarter update was sent out at the end of May, but that might only go to backers; the update list you signed up to might not fire up until all the Kickstarter watches are sent out.

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