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Comment Re:Crypto ?? Anyone... ANYONE? (Score 2) 107

I know I2P ...

And agree with mostly what you say. However I think ANY crypto would be better than NO crypto. I think we can agree on the following:

sending a PGP encoded mail out on my connection that has a bitcoin purchased (no payment info) VPN, maybe even do that over TOR (shit or not) makes things a little more complicated for whoever that wants to see that mail and where it was coming from.

That said, a friend argued, that if I started using crypto chat over Skype (OTR with Adium or Pidgin) then I would draw attention. Which might be true. That is why EVERYONE should start using it, so it will require crazy amounts of computing powers to figure out what the hell is happening on the wire.

Realistically, we could also go back to remailers. If it is 2048 +bit encrypted, the remailing would occur, else, it wouldn't.

I mean, with a little effort we could make it really hard for the snoopers.

my 2c :)

Comment Re:Favorite color (Score 1) 346

HAhah.... I live in Costa Rica... Dry season and Wet season. People keep insisting it is winter and summer, though we are on the north hemisphere and wet season coincides with summer on the north hemisphere and the driest dry is Dec/Jan when it is the coldest elsewhere.

Comment Crypto ?? Anyone... ANYONE? (Score 4, Insightful) 107

And still, people use gmail, hotmail, Facebook, mobile me ....

Even worse: no one uses crypto. PGP is there. TOR is there (OK, with some problems with the latter),. a 4096bit key is a tough cookie to crack. There are 2-3 click installers for almost every OS (linux, win, osx, ios and android).

There is also OTR chat for chatting.

Still, I cannot convince one single person to use it, even for business matters that shouldn't go through mail servers and chat servers in clear text form.

I am talking about programmers, technical managers and system administrators, who find these tools either unnecessary, or too bothersome to use..... So how will average Joe convince grandma, grandpa, and uncle Joe to install these tools and go through the incredibly long (5 minute tops) learning curve and start using the F@#$@#$ tools?

Let's use diaspora, go back to vote-in BBS systems with made up names and use crypto ... but no... people are upset about their privacy while posting borderline illegal videos with under their own name with location services stamping info into the media.

ARE WE STUPID or what ?

Comment Re:Best is two shifts with some recovery time betw (Score 2) 311

I was whining about the price tag too. Finally I got one and it is the best ever investment (after a Kinesis keyboard and a quality trackpad) ...
I was going nuts over ambient noise at the office where I was abroad, plus being winter I had to have the heater on at the hotel.
I first got a "noise cancelling" Sony, that turned out a joke, then tested the Bose QC 15 at Best Buy with the airplane noise simulation ....

I had various fans at my home office before my Bitcoin miners went water cooled, and without them it was unbearable. As of other noises: it is actually capable of levelling the sound of a (just in front of my open window) lawnmower to a level, where I can listen to music on a really low level and only hear the occasional bursts of RPM adjustments caused by whatever stuff the mower is chewing through...

Trust me. BUY ONE. You won't regret it. I am not a Bose sales person, nor do I like their products too much, but the QC 15 is simply great.. It also sounds really good with movies, music, though it is a little heavy on the bass.

Hope this helps...

Comment Border control (Score 1) 303

Does that appear to you, that every time you enter *certain* countries they ask for your full fingerprint? Then as we know they swap this data with other governments for no good reason.

You cannot use your fingerprint for anything.... it is almost like tattooing a QR code on your forehead and using that for authentication purposes...
OK. maybe not that bad, but pretty close. Did I just watch to much mission impossible and think that they can take my fingerprint, then 3d print it to a condom and use it to unlock my whatever they want to unlock?

Comment Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 2, Interesting) 321

I could have done a lot of things, you are totally right.

Or I could have just set a cron job up or a shell script to do them .

Don't get me wrong, if I cared for phones I would be programming for them probably (I am actually mostly working with Java console apps these days that process/monitor data) ...

The big difference is that when you have the power of command line, you don't have to "write a program" for every little stupid task you want to achieve.

Compare the effort of setting up a cron job (to stay with the example) to send you the location of the phone every 5 minutes.
In cron (given that you have a theoretical program called GPSutil and SMSutil) would be
crontab -e; put time, path GPSutil --currentlocation| SMSutil 12345667 ....
in an other 10 minutes of tinkering, if there is no net, you could log it to a file, then send the batch when there is net again.

You can also install the dev tools, start reading the API, the docs, figure out how to compile .. set up an app, see how you can run that in the background, use a crapload of unnecessary resources to keep an app running, automate its startup, check (if possible) how to restart if it fails ... write the app, deploy.. blablabla...

And solution 2 is perfect ... will take you from cold start .. at least 2 weeks.. more if you are not a Java dev.

Solution 1 for someone using linux for almost 20 years : 15-30 minutes, if you really polish it.

It is like the thing I always tell to the windows admins/programmers:
solve this problem: open a file, and replace every instance of "blabla" but only if it is the first word on the line with a tab before.....

You can write an app and regex, you can install VI or SED.... the difference, is that my preferred OS (osx or linux) comes with that installed, I just need to chain them together to get what I want .. and I am done before you found it on google what to install

Comment Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 0) 321

You get me completely wrong .. what I am missing is what makes Linux more for me than Windows and in certain ways then Apple...

Let me give a simple example: plug in a USB cable and pull up PPP to have a radio-lett net on the device. Or
while true; do cat /dev/whateversensor |; sleep 1; done (or the same from cron) ..

There is a hook for this too just like there is a program for everything in Windows. Why I use Linux and OSX is so that I don't have to install an app for every little stupid task, nor do I have to write a complete application... because I have an OS that gives me resources and tools to work with I can chain together to do something.

Don't get me wrong I love Java (I actually do, and for a net/console app that is my first choice many time with 50/50 between Java and PHP for the web (PHP for practicality of "you can host it for cheap anywhere") ..... ..

As I said.. this was years ago, I did not do the research, I heard "linux os" and I expected something as "embedded" as a WRT linux.... limited, but more than just a Kernel ......


Comment Re:Android is not Linux ... (Score 3, Interesting) 321

Funny you mention this. When I got my first (and last) Android phone, I was honestly expecting a somewhat functional/scriptable Linux environment with Perl, some web server, and a sane package manager. I imagined that I would be able to script behaviour and set up a cron job to make a call or connect to the net......
I did not even consider, that what I was getting was nothing like that. Besides this little surprise I hated the phone, the experience, everything about it.. including the uselessly slow emulator and the whole eclipse-based dev environment.

Comment Re:Not gonna happen (Score 1) 185

Flu, MRM, probably others too. Mercury and typhoid monkey kidneys they use for the cultures are a bit of a turn-off. The lack of testing is an added plus. While MRM vaccines were tested separately, there was never a clinical trial of the mixture. And they give that to 3 year old kids in most everywhere. Some of these kids suffer serious damage to their digestive tract. Not proven but suggested by many, that this damage can be linked to the sudden onset of autism. One that in many cases can be fully or partially cured by a special diet (mostly plant based, free of chemicals).

If it is not too "tin-foil-hat" an interesting watch on the subject is "Are Vaccines safe"..

Comment The sad part (Score 1) 625

The sad part about that, is that it is not going to make you work 2-3 hours a day and having a better life. This will lead to the greedy making more and throwing people on the street...

So technically on the long term you either code AI or you are a millionaire or you are FSCK'd...

Comment Re:Not gonna happen (Score 1) 185

They can vaccinate you with some poorly tested crap as well, then cash-in on the medication needed to cure the "side effects". Alzheimer's, cancers ... and restless leg syndrome.

It is a win-win situation for the pharma-industrial-complex. Also even if you don't FSCK around like rabbits, you will be either required or scared into thinking that you need the vaccination. Maybe some "accidental" blood contaminations breaking news will do that for you...

Comment No... my fingerprints are compromised (Score 1) 356

Certain countries take my fingerprint when I enter them. My country takes fingerprints when registering for certain papers (even if you are not a criminal).

So .. my fingerprint is out there, it is not for authentication. If you use it to log-into your laptop, phone, anything: you are fooling yourself into thinking it is anyhow safe.

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