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Comment Fireworks? (Score 1) 809

Earlier the article in the (UK) Daily Telegraph had a headline about his having let of a firework. This contrasted with CNN quoting some US senator saying it was a 'quite sophisticated explosive device'. The more I hear 'pop and fizz' the more credit I give The Telegraph for being on the money... except that they seem to have retracted it now (?)

Comment N95 (Score 1) 884

Android phones? Johnny-come-latelies. The Nokia N95 was massively superior in many regards at European iPhone launch (even compared to its later 3G re-launch), but Europe doesn't really consider technical capabilities in what's 'cool'. Nor price (the N95 deals were also much better).

Comment Re:it's ok to be anti-american (Score 1) 241

Thanks for the posting guide. May I offer some advice in return? In order to understand a post please consider what it's replying to. You said:

It's the equivalent of saying that Germans have no right to comment on the actions of Israel because they once tried to exterminate the Jews

I explained why it wasn't the equivalent at all.

If you want a sensible decision of whether the Americans must still be held responsible for restoring the Shah, and for arming the Iraqis in the Iran-Iraq War, DON'T GODWIN!

Comment Re:it's ok to be anti-american (Score 1) 241

What was the party called? The Jewish United Western Homosexual Pigdogs Alliance? [...] That's simple bigotry on your part.

Hmmm, yes, this was certainly coherent. I don't remember the United States having been through a regime change comparable with losing a war, partition and reunification. Could you let me know when that happened?

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