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Comment Re:Thanks for the heads up (Score 1) 162

I like how all the "conspiracy theory" people are generally considered wacko, yet more of their predictions or "conspiracies" come to be yet they are never given validity.

The people who want modern-day prophets to be wrong so they can ridicule them, call them names, and feel better for a moment about their pitifully desperate and meaningless lives, well, these are not the kind of people who like to admit when they are wrong and try to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Validity was never to be expected from the likes of them. Such people aren't interested in truth. They're interested in feeling superior to someone else. This is fundamentally incompatible with a search for truth.

Comment Re:It wasn't a revelation (Score 4, Insightful) 162

Why would a government not take the effort to look into what people do on a daily basis when they have the technology .

To me it was also predictable, because I've read history books and noticed again and again that the most ruthless, sociopathic, often bloodthirsty control freaks are the ones who want power so badly that they'll do anything to achieve it. That's the nature of government. Public awareness and understanding is the only real thing holding it back. We have public apathy and ignorance because most people have been softened and made complacent by convenience and pointless indulgences (hundreds of channels of brain-dead horse-shit, news media controlled by 5 corporations all of which are cozy with government, public education for obedient workers and not for self-directed thinkers).

But that the government would want to spy on its people and would use technology in that manner, no that's not remotely surprising to anyone who understands the nature of governments and the people who most want to run them. What we need is a majority of people who comprehend this basic fact that has been repeatedly observed throughout history. The stakes are higher now, and become higher the more our tech advances. Our leaders have noted that bread and circuses works, that's because they actually do learn from history.

Comment Re:So... can they do it pre-breakup? (Score 3, Insightful) 528

It's about pictures the two of you took with mutual consent when all was great, I know Slashdotters aren't supposed to ever get in such a situation but it is quite common.

The sick part comes when after a break-up one of the partners posts them on the net out of revenge for the break-up.

When you date people who a) are not childish, and b) have a sense of honor, it protects you from pretty much all of these problems.

The sick part is that so many people think the government could ever be a substitute for cultivating a little wisdom.

Comment Re:So... can they do it pre-breakup? (Score 0, Troll) 528

So despite what the "women's advocacy groups" claim, this really doesn't do anybody any good in the end. It just makes the law more complicated, and lets some politicians brag about "defending women".

That, and no one in authority has the balls anymore to tell these women: this is why you should learn to recognize and value men who have honor and understand why this is important. A man with a sense of honor recognizes your right to exit the relationship anytime you wish and respects that this is your decision. A man with honor does not view the exercising of your rights as something he must avenge in a cowardly manner.

Comment Re:How about (Score 2) 528

Do you think a girl should be guilty of a crime if she reveals that her ex had only a 3 inch long penis after a breakup?

As embarrassing a thing this may be, it is protected under freedom of speech. I don't see how a naked picture is any different.

Because politicians love the meme of the innocent maiden victimized by nasty brutish men, so long as the politicians get to be the knights in shining armor.

Or the hard-working black man kept down by mean ol' racist Whitey. Or whatever -- any division will work. So long as it divides people into group identities and requires a savior, it will become a political issue.

It's not a very funny joke, but the joke is that so many people really think the legislators voting for this give a flying fuck about women who demonstrate poor judgment and can't differentiate a man who has honor and a man who does not (and don't think that matters, until something like this happens). Or anyone else. Or anything other than money and power, for that matter.

Comment Re:How about (Score 3, Interesting) 528

It's not the purpose of law to prevent adult people from doing stupid things. Attempting to circumvent this produces laws that are unreasonable (like this) and laws that are unenforcable without a total police state (like the War on Drugs).

And, yes, I realize that it may seem counter-intuitive to call it privacy, but the media was private to the relationship.

So was the naive decision (of the photographed person) to trust someone who should not have been trusted. If we agree that private things should remain private, there is no reason why this should be an exception.

Comment Re:How about (Score 3, Insightful) 528

You can replace girls with people.

Yes but that would eliminate the emotional angle of an implied "poor females victimized by those nasty brutish men". Absent that, the speaker would be left with nothing to fall back on except to make a reasonable argument. Clearly you see the problem.

Good catch.

Comment Re:How about (Score 3, Insightful) 528

Never nudes.

See, that would require having good judgment and putting a thought or two towards contingency. This was once considered the norm for adults and those adults who failed to do it were seen as failing to achieve what was expected of them, whether involving photography or anything else. Now it's increasingly treated like some terribly unreasonable standard. Folks, this is a movement in the wrong direction.

It's the never-ending governmental quest to protect adult people from the consequences of their own poor judgment. I don't believe many people recognize how dangerous this actually is, how much of a step backwards it represents, and how many similarly-spirited steps we've taken in the last decade or two. All the short-sighted see is what's in front of them, yeah a guy publicized photos he was trusted not to publicize, yeah he's an asshole, sure. We're going to stop being adults now because of excuses like this?

I will never end up in such a situation, but if I somehow did, I'd chalk it up to my own poor decision-making and consider it a lesson learned. Do stupid thing -> suffer stupid consequence, seems like everything's in order to me. I'm not a victim if I actively contributed to the unpleasant situation I'm in that couldn't have happened without my said contribution. So, who finds that offensive (code for "makes my lack of personal responsibility uncomfortable") and thinks I care?

Comment Re:Makes complete sense (Score 1) 176

That's because when they take off they jump backwards. I use a grabbing motion coming up from behind the fly. My hand being 2 or 3 inches above the surface. The fly jump up to take off and quite often ends up in my fist. Trying to squish them can be tricky so a lot of time I just throw them at a hard surface to stun them and then finish them off afterwards.

The very best method to kill flies I have found is with a spray bottle of some kind of glass and surface cleaner. Something like Windex will work, or something stronger with chlorine/bleach will kill them faster. It's better to use the kind of bottle that lets you adjust the output from spray to stream. Stream is more effective but the mist will work if you get close enough. Give it a few practice squirts and you can easily refine your aim (if you ever do any target practice, this will be trivial). Nail 'em with a single squirt and they drop, crawl around a bit, and die. A single shot and they don't get back up. A follow-up shot makes them die faster, though I can't help think that this must be a very nasty and unpleasant fluid in which to drown.

It's much easier than trying to squash them with your hand and less unsanitary too, though definitely less sporting.

Comment Hmm (Score 5, Insightful) 177

This new position is focused on the future, designed to directly enhance decision making

Does "shut down this agency permanently and don't replace it with anything similar" count as an enhancement?

If we want to fight terrorism we could always stop installing dictators and manipulating the affairs of other nations.

Comment Re:judges are pissed NSA lied to get their okay (Score 5, Insightful) 576

Judges have ruled that the NSA could do these things - when the NSA lied to the judges about what they were doing and how. Some of those judges are pretty pisses off now that they know how the subpoenas were abused, so I wouldn't think think those rulings definitively say what NSA is doing is in fact legal. The judges who made the rulings don't think they approved what was actually going on.

This happened because to become a judge, one must generally be a "believe in the system" type. This is why judges will automatically take the word of a police officer over yours, being impressed by the fact he/she is a "sworn officer", because this type of mentality doesn't consider that cops and other members of government could lie to get what they want. So now it finally bit the judge(s) and made them look bad, feel a little angry? It's been doing that to regular citizens for a long time now.

Comment Re:Gotta be some kind of compensation. (Score 1) 273

Do you know why NBA players get so much money?

Because we as a society have fucked up priorities and overvalue things that are relatively meaningless?

The doctor who finally cures cancer will be anonymous to the general public compared to an NBA player, an NFL player, or the latest shallow whore who can (somewhat) sing with auto-tune.

I don't argue with your logic about the ratio of players to fans. Rather, I address why there would be so many fans and so much money to be extracted from them. Personally, I just can't get that worked up about other people playing a game, the outcome of which won't affect my life one way or another. I certainly can't identify with that team as though it were an extension of my ego, saying "we won" when I contributed no effort.

Now get off my lawn.

Comment Re:IETF is better than NIST, how? (Score 2) 75

Politics and public reaction are not rational.

More like, the media discovered long ago that sensationalism sells better than rational thinking because emotions are much easier to manipulate. Being mostly followers who have been conditioned not to think critically, the public and thus the public's representatives simply follow.

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