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Comment Re: How do they know if you're a Muslim? (Score 1) 333

Yes, because a fictional character in Christian mythology is an indicator of how real Muslim exteremists act in real life.

It's all fiction, Brent,

Anyway, history is full of examples of fervent believers who denied their faith. Maybe you've never heard of the Marranos (I'm pretty sure you haven't) who were Jews who lived as Christians to avoid the Spanish Inquisition, or the many Jews who pretended to be Christian to avoid the Nazis. These were most assuredly not fictional characters.

I've put together a little reading assignment for you, with references, because it appears your history education is a bit lacking.

Comment Re:How do they know if you're a Muslim? (Score 4, Insightful) 333

A person that truly believes in their religion isn't going to go and deny it, because adhering to their religion is more important than adhering to the laws and/or rules of this world.

Perhaps you've never heard of a guy named Saint Peter, who denied knowing Jesus Christ three times because he was afraid of the laws and/or rules of this world.

See, John 18:13-27

Comment Re: More to the story (Score 1) 395

The full quote is: "There are two sides to every story, and somewhere in between lies the truth "

And that's what I was objecting to.

Scientists say humans evolved over millions of years. Creationists say man was made 6000 years ago and woman was made from man's rib.

Does the truth lay somewhere in between?

The old saw about "two sides" is no longer operable when there the potential upside to lying is so great.

Comment Re:best practices (Score 1, Flamebait) 199

Right, fuck trying to engage with your fans

Do that from the stage.

These data caps aren't getting blown by posting pictures from the road or Tweeting the set list. They're being blown by the rhythm guitarist watching Season 5 of Hawaii 5-0 and the bass player watching Netflix for 8 hours a day.

And what's up with touring musicians who are all of a sudden too good to do drugs and bang groupies? They gotta be on the Internet all day? Man, millennials have ruined everything.

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