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Comment Re:And suddenly... (Score 2) 275

The random grandchild of a successful artist isn't more capable than anybody else.
Death + 95 years doesn't make any sense; it does not encourage production of creative works.
Few people want to abolish copyright laws, but few people think abolishing the public domain for all practical intents and purposes is a good idea either.
A more balanced copyright protection duration could be set between incentivizing production of unique works and production of derived works.

Comment Re:10 ways to think like an, "Old Person" (Score 1) 187

I get what you mean and in general I agree.
I have the luck of having a good set of brains, hobbies that companies love to pay me for and living in a country that does not think "social" is a curse word.
But never forget that for many people, especially in countries like the US, keeping a job is a bare necessity of survival.

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