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Comment Re:Other way around (Score 2) 147

I understand what you're saying and in my own carreer I'm able to balance it more towards earning less and having more fun, but this isn't an option for the vast majority of people. Think of all those dozens of coal miners whose jobs have been saved for a few more years; you really think they have the option of just taking another job or working shorter weeks while still making enough money to support their family?

Comment Re:Miss the artwork (Score 1) 136

Actually, most people prefer compressed music. That's why they are selling it.

Just because people don't have a choice, doesn't mean they prefer the only option they have.
If CD's were available in the flavors of "As intended by the artist" or "Post-processed by the record company", which do you think people would prefer?
People buy "director's cut" movies. How about "musician's cut" music?

Comment Re:Miss the artwork (Score 1) 136


CD sucks not because of the technology, but because of idiot mastering.
Vinyl is better because even the noise of vinyl records isn't as bad as absurd compression.
SACD is better because the SACD standard put limits on the amount of compression allowed.

I get why they do it, to make the song louder over FM radio, but that makes no sense at all in the world of high bandwidth digital streaming and distribution.

Very few people actually want vinyl. People want recordings that aren't compressed to the point where the music itself becomes mostly noise and vinyl is pretty much the only way to get those recordings.

Comment Re:What's the point... (Score 1) 409

At some point economy of scale and competition may make soylent-meat cheaper but right now it really only makes sense for people who have ethical problems with eating delicious animals, not people in the third world who just want to eat something besides relief agency rice and oppression.

Currenty, you are absolutely right.
It's like the earliest hybrid/electric cars (remember the first Tesla, The one based on the Lotus frame?); way too impractical and expensive as a viable solution for the majority, but good enough for enough people to make it possible to build up the economy of scale you need for mass market adoption. We're still not there yet, but I dare say that few would be blind enough not to deny a future of non-petrol cars.

You can bet that the first few artificial meat products will be far too expensive, but that won't stop Hollywood celebrities from buying it, and effectively handing those companies the money they need to scale up and reduce cost for the rest of us. At some point, artificial meat should be able to become cheaper than real meat (it's a more effective use of "ingredients", it's production method that is expensive), at which point artificial will become the norm, and real meat will either become a delicacy food item or go the way of fur coats.

Comment Re:What's the point... (Score 3, Interesting) 409

Because you have to put a lot of perfectly good food into those animals to get far less food out of them.
Current meat production practices are unsustainable when expanded to a global scale.
So unless you want to maintain the first-world/third-world gap, meat production or consumption has to change.
Since we all know the latter is not going to happen any time soon, we need to tackle the former.

Comment Re:The Genius of Trump’s Tweets (Score 3, Insightful) 272

But it is a clever strategy

It's also an amoral strategy..

which he stumbled upon quite conveniently

Manipulating the feeble-minded has always been his business model; it's no accident he uses tricks like these.
Just look at his university and other businesses. He even owned a casino at one point.

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