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Comment Re:Stripped in 3, 2, 1... (Score 1) 149

does not reliably work, particularly on newer (and ironically higher cost) units.

When previews became unskippable I invested in a "lifetime" AnyDVD licence and started ripping all the disks I owned, built a plex server, and have not looked back. (other than to have to buy a new lifetime licence).

Comment Re:Divert just 0.5% of the military budget to NASA (Score 1, Flamebait) 247

Comment Re:100% (Score 1) 242

I generally agree with you.
The details were:
daughter sent home for being involved in a fight, no mark on record.
boy sent home, mark on record, suspension.
boy came back to school with a gauzed nose to be greeted by "you got beat up by a girl" from his peers.

Punishment fit the crime on an overall basis. Add to that he's treated my daughter like a princess ever since, and hasn't (to the best of my knowledge) bothered another girl at school either.

Comment Re:One line st a time... (Score 1) 337

Oh, I've been doing this for 17 years. I'd like to think I have fairly clear code when I'm not being a sloppy lazy ass.
The example I used above was a case of Proof of concept then re-tasked and never got back to it, someone else promoted it because it worked and then I got it back when I was going to extend and add to that area of the code. I also refactored the hell outta it.

Comment Re:One line st a time... (Score 3, Funny) 337

I actually said "What the fuck were they thinking? This is the most obtuse shit I've seen in a long time, it's almost what I'd do if I hated the maintenance coder."

Co-worker over the cube wall asks what module, I respond.
Co-worker over the cube wall snickers and says "blame".

me-does blame
"Oh fuck I hate myself, and apparently I knew that 6 months ago".

Comment Re:100% (Score 1) 242

Similar here, except I finally did pop in HS and collapsed a guy's larynx.
Never was picked on again...

I've had a couple fights, some won, some lost, all were the end of it (whatever "it" was).

As to my kids I teach them the following:
I am 100% against fighting, unless I have to, then I am 100% for it.

The message is to avoid conflict unless there is no choice, then don't hold back, hit hard, hit fast, hit first*, hit last.
My daughter was physically cornered by a boy in elementary school. He tried to kiss her against her will. She assessed that she was not in "extreme" danger so refrained from a groin shot and instead waited for him to lean in to kiss her and head butted him, flattening his nose. She was sent home for fighting, he was sent home for bleeding everywhere. I bought her ice cream and had a meeting with the principal where it was agreed there would be no notes in her file about the fight, as it was self defense.

*hit first... a touchy subject indeed. hitting over being called names, no. Hitting as response to other physical contact like a bad intentioned shove? Hell yeah!

As to the bullying part... I'm pretty sure anyone that's been on /. more than 30 seconds has seen trolls and anyone who's posted has met the Asshole named AC that spews shit while being hidden from actual identification.

Comment Re:20 years worth? (Score 1) 365

Well, If as the GP post had suggested, that I as owner of a domain make email accounts for family, and PP had posited the "what-ifs" making the case of why not create the addresses, this was my response.

If I am offering a pro-bono service (to anyone) and it becomes prohibitive to me to continue doing so (cost, legal, blacklisted domain, etc.) then I would stop service.

Generally the /. community is only pissy with telcos when they are taking money and not giving the service the money was for, or acting against the better of the community because they are monopoly providers. In this case when taking no money to provide something that is available from literally hundreds of providers for costs from $0.00 to $stupid.high it's not really the same ballpark (or even sport).

Of course the alternative would be PP point of don't provide it in the first place.

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