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Comment I wish I'd had a cell phone (Score 1) 199

I was a college student from 1988 through 1992, mostly at UC Santa Cruz. I had my own phone line whenever I could, so I could talk to my family, whatever part time employer I had, etc. Over those four years I lived in eight dorm rooms and two apartments, not counting two summers living with my mom. Either we had land phones, which cost $35 every time I moved into a new place (in 1990 dollars), or -- during the year I lived in Vancouver, BC, where UBC didn't have phone jacks in the rooms -- amazingly high telephone credit card costs on my dad's phone bill.

Cell phones back then were big, bulky, and expensive; I don't think I ever seriously considered getting one (although at one point my dad got one for business). I only wish I could have had what today's students have access to.

Comment Re:Imaginations are running wild here! (Score 1) 275

It seems likely Apple wouldn't intentionally break compatibility, even if at this point there's no Apple products using Atom. Wouldn't they want to keep their options open, just in case they decide they want to release an Atom machine sometime in the future? Maybe someday can figure out how to make a premium netbook that will make them enough money to be worthwhile.

Comment Who's on first? (Score 1) 94

I guess the real question is, what difference does it make in the long run whether ClariNet was "the first company to use the Internet as a commercial distribution mechanism," which nobody seems to be disputing, or "the first dot-com"? ClariNet was one of many Internet pioneers.

Being first is overrated anyway. Maybe those of us who were laid off after the Individual-Desktop Data merger could be considered the very first victims of the dot-com bust...

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Using 1 computer for 2 people? 1

True Vox writes: "My fiance and I have recently taken interest in City of Heroes (she's currently got a character on my account). She's got a cute little net book, but nothing nearly powerful enough for a 5 year old MMORPG (let alone if we take interest in Champions Online! I am reticent to buy a new gaming computer simply for what amounts for a passing phase. Has anyone had any experience using one computer to to control two monitors (along with two keyboards, and two mice, or some other suitable control setup (one keyboard, mouse, and a 360 gamepad, perhaps?)). I have seen but one solution that MIGHT work, but not much information from users that I can find.

In short, does anyone have any experience with setups like this?"

CodeWeavers Package Google Chrome For Linux and Mac 239

jfbilodeau writes "The fine folks at Codeweavers performed an 11 day experiment in getting Google Chrome working on Linux and Mac. Their efforts resulted in the Chromium proof of concept. 'Not only does this give Mac and Linux users a chance to see what all the hype is about, it also lets the world see just how far Wine has come and how powerful it truly can be. In just 11 days, we were able to bring a modern Windows application across to Mac and Linux.' Caveat: their implementation is free as in beer but not free as in speech."

iPhone Takes Screenshots of Everything You Do 225

The_AV8R writes "Jonathan Zdziarski showed that every time you press the Home button on your iPhone, a screen capture is taken in order to produce a visual effect. This image is then cached and later deleted. Zdziarski says that there have been cases of law enforcement looking up sex offenders' old data and checking recovered screenshots." This revelation occurred in the midst of a webcast on iPhone forensics, demonstrating how to bypass the iPhone's password security (not trivial, but doable). Video from the talk is not online yet but is promised soon over at O'Reilly.

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