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Comment Re:Buy OUYA get controller free (Score 1) 180

Mine works just fine, thanks. I'm not really sure what people are comparing the Ouya to - it's miles better than any of those Android TV sticks, better than the Raspberry Pi at actually running things at speed. It's not particularly locked down - I've side-loaded lots of things onto mine. Sure it's only got 8Gb of memory in it, but I've got everything on a 128Gb USB stick shoved in the back of it. Right now I have a handful of Ouya games, lots of emulators, Quake 1, 2, and 3, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein on it. The controller is pretty good. I honestly can't work out what people keep bitching about it. For $80 I've had a lot of fun with it...

Comment Re:is this a big deal? (Score 1) 131

I have a question for the no-javascript crowd. I've been wondering this for a while, so I'm really not picking on you in particular to ask this. But I'm really curious. If not javascript... what? As a web developer I encounter problems in web page design that can be solved in one of three ways: static delivery of content to the end user, with no interaction, can be accomplished with simple HTML and CSS. Dynamic content where logic must be applied to select and serve the right content to the right user can be accomplished with server-side scripting (my favorite tool for this purpose is PHP). Interactive content, where the user has to interact with page elements that appear, disappear, make logical decisions on user input, validate form input, etc. can only be accomplished on the browser with a universally available client-side scripting language. The only language that fits the bill, in my experience, is javascript. Don't get me wrong - javascript isn't my favorite scripting language by a long shot, but by being ubiquitous, its the language of choice on the internet. So, how would YOU solve the design problems of Slashdot without client-side logic and interaction without use of javascript? I'm genuinely curious. If you don't have a reasonable answer to that question, then I'm puzzled about your comment.

Comment Re:Macs had a similar issue not long ago (Score 1) 133

We had one of those. It was nick-named "Stinky" and we tried like hell to get rid of the smell, even sending it out for a thorough detailing inside and out. To no avail - stinky stank anyway. We blamed it on the fact that the boss had taken it on a trip and left the macbook locked in the trunk of his car with some used hockey equipment and it got left in the equipment bag for a couple of weeks while he was away. Never thought it was the computer itself that was the source of the problem.

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