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Journal Journal: Archived posts (8)

Several times, I've been reading old slashdot stories and desperately wanted to take part in a discussion that ended months ago. I'm sort of curious if that happens to anyone else. So, if you want to respond to an archived post of mine, post it here and link to the comment.

Comment Re:welleee (Score 1) 888

I simply have enough self-confidence that I don't require alcohol to cut loose and have a good time without worrying about what other people think about me.

It's up to you -- if you want to piss your cash away, I'm not going to even try and stop you.

THAT is what's prissy and self-righteous. Can you _really_ not see it?

Comment Re:If you want privacy then don't use (Score 1) 446

That's the interesting thing about Web 2.0. Most computer-knowledgeable people would say the _Web_ is designed to make all data public, but the _Internet_ not necessarily so. But, Web 2.0 is (by one definition) using the Web as a platform, like the Internet was before Web 2.0. So who's to say the newcomers are wrong in using the Web like old people formerly used only the Internet? I think it's time to drop the idea that everything on the Web is public (banking already having been mentioned as a good example).

Comment Re:Bad move Google... (Score 1) 783

I tend to keep lots of slashdot threads open at once, for several days, going back repeatedly to keep reading the interesting ones. So I do sometimes respond to threads days after they're forgotten.

The problem is that there's _always_ a justification for taking away what someone else considers a basic right. Always. Pretending that what you consider a basic right is, or can be, an objective fact, is unhelpful to discourse because your opponents will say the same thing.

I'm sick of watching two groups of politicians and their supporters claim that their opponents are evil and want to suppress my rights, as though they're not doing the same thing.

Comment Re:bookmarks? (Score 1) 447

Good GOD, man, you don't tell HER she looks like Gauge! Tell your male friends about it afterward, but JEEZUS CHRIST why would you tell her? That's not at all weird, no matter how much or little you think about it. You deserved that slap. Man, you should know you need to act differently toward women than you do toward men.

I don't know who you hang out with, but men ALWAYS brag about their sexual conquests. The people who only brag about being drunk are either in relationships, or are sexually unsuccessful.

Comment Re:Equilibrium (Score 1) 237

These days I'm too bitter to care about trying to enlighten people I consider ignorant. If I was able to find the good information I have, they should have done the same, instead of jerking off or whatever they were doing. There's too much ignorance in the world for me to fix it, which makes it hard to care about individual cases. Best I can get myself to do is point it out, and with any luck they'll decide to seek out more information.

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