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Comment Re:No cord cutting in TFA (Score 1) 62

There is no mention of "cord cutting" in TFA. The power company will just route "cleaner energy" to MS through the existing network.

You're being pedantic.

"Cutting the cord" is a phrase that means they will not be buying energy from the utility, which comes from a number of sources including coal and other "unsustainable" and dirty sources. Instead they will contract and buy from "green" sources that will then me routed into the pool of power that the utility then delivers to MS.

Seriously, think it through. :)

Comment Systemd: What Does It Solve? (Score 4, Interesting) 358

I am not questioning you opinions on systemd, particularly since my father, a retired CE and lifelong *nix user dislikes it with a passion. But I'm way to ignorant of the dirty mechanics and politics of Linux to understand how, with so many presumably knowledgeable folks who dislike systemd, it became a standard in the more popular distros. Does it solve some vexing issue for the maintainers of these distros? What do these people find so compelling as to make such a fundamental change?

Submission + - Whole Foods deal sparks calls for Amazon antitrust scrutiny

Frosty Piss writes:’s expansion plans including recent plans to aquire Whole Foods for $13.7billion are drawing attention of Washington as well as Wall Street. Congressman David Cicilline, who sits on the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee, has called for hearings into the proposed merger saying "Competition is essential for a healthy economy. That’s true across the board. Amazon’s proposed purchase of Whole Foods could impact neighborhood grocery stores and hardworking consumers across America." Hedge-fund manager Doug Kass has taken a short position, saying government antitrust concerns will erode its value. "At the core of my concern is that the disruptive impact of Amazon’s growth (and plans) could lead to government restrictions affecting that growth," Kass told clients in an email. Amazon's purchase of the grocery retailer is expected to be completed later this year.

Submission + - Microsoft cuts cord with local utility to buy green

Frosty Piss writes: Microsoft will bypass Puget Sound Energy to secure carbon-free power on wholesale markets under an agreement with state regulators. The agreement calls for Microsoft to pay a $23.6million transition fee to Puget Sound Energy, which the utility will pass on to its Western Washington customers. In 2015, 60 percent of PSE electricity came from coal and natural-gas plants, according to company statistics. State regulators and Puget Sound Energy determined that Microsoft is legally responsible for a share of the Colstrip, Montana coal-fired generating plant costs. Microsoft seeks to secure its power from sources that emit no carbon emissions.

Comment Re:Paying for the Privilege of Being Bugged (Score 1) 166

I am not letting a corporation install bugging devices in my home, and I am sure as hell not going to pay for the privilege.

A good point that has, of course, been brought up many times. Given what we know from Snowden, there can be no question that the Three Letter Agencies are all over this.

Comment Re:No rock large enough to hide under.. (Score 1) 35

They should also seize personal assets from the CEO, high likelihood he is skating with millions of dollars made from this illegal behaviour over the past 5-years.

IANAL, but this is why both sleaze-bags and legit people alike incorporate, to avoid personal exposure. So unless there was calculated fraud that lead to actual losses, my *guess* (again, IANAL) is that creditors and wronged folks alike are SOL except for the lawyers perhaps, Everyone else will get a cupon for $1 off a Whopper at your choice of locations.

Comment Many Possible Permutations Not So Good (Score 5, Interesting) 256

In the end, perhaps it was a good thing.

But consider that Google Home missed the part about it being a question. I can see other situations where such a sentence might be used where I didn't want a SWAT response or any response at all.

Yes, I understand the 911 people listened in and made the decision to respond based on what they heard, and again in THIS case they were correct.

But there are all sorts of permutations of this where Google Home and whoever they called might be bad.

I certainly don't want to be sitting around bad-mouthing my employer / parents / next door neighbor who owns guns / [insert someone else here] and have Google Home call them so they can here it all...

Comment Re:Available Encryption (Score 1) 63

It isn't that there are not smart people at the DOD. It is the average is well average. And that doesn't fill me with confidence. I work with smart people. People who have used computers for 20 years. And I still have to explain basic file handling and email concepts to them. it is even more baffling when OCD organized people , people who organize parts and clothes by size color and shape. have 100 files and folders on their "desktop" computer and can never find what they are looking for.

I understand your point.

I work exclusively with pilots, most of whom are Academy grads as well as having advanced degrees, mostly science but it varies, from well known schools.

So my exposure is probably skewed. The "rank and file" actually have to do fairly regular computer security and safety training to maintain network access, but absorbing the essentials is a variable.

I can not speak for the Army or other DoD departments, only mine, which in general is made up of educated people.

- Frosty

Comment Re:Available Encryption (Score 1) 63

So every single military transaction is prone to human error and or complacency.

Why? You're making a huge ASS umption that most if not all people who send sensative email are not like me. Of course I work for the Air Force where people are intellegent, but the idea that the DoD is populated by morons is a stereotype prepetuated by people who have never had meaningful interestion with very many people who work for the DoD.

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