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Comment password aging == weak passwords (Score 1) 497

Software setups that require password aging force me to use simpler and simpler passwords so I can remember them. At my last job my original password was "DepletedUranium1sH3avy", once they implemented password aging it became "passwordXXXX" where XXXX was the month/year. Which do you think is easier to crack?

Comment Re:Increase econmy 10-25% (Score 1) 379

Hydrolicly controlled clutches rarely need clutch changes, I typically go 100,000 miles before even looking at the clutch now. Automatics are only close to MT's in mileage at cruise, they still lose a lot during acceleration (prior to lock up). Look at the consumer reports site, they show the numbers. I do however agree that MT's are being marketed in lower end vehicles in the US (not so much true else where).

Comment Milky Way from the Sargasso Sea (Score 1) 612

I will never forget the first time I saw the Milky Way, on a cloudless, moonless night from the Sargasso Sea. The view was indescribable. Try to imagine a band of clouds illuminated by a electroluminescent light source, but not where the clouds are in our atmosphere, but as a back drop to the stars above. Its humbling.

Comment Its a lie (Score 2, Informative) 154

The Author claims you can read the SSID and reprogram another tag with this SSID. This is not true. The SSID is not a R/W field. While technically you could create an active device to pretend to be a tag with the fake SSID, it certainly is not trivial.

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