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Comment Re:Car Anology (Score 1) 129

Too bad your analogies suck and you don't know anything about what you're talking about. Not an MS fan here, but I at least know wtf I'm talking about when it comes to diagnostics of Windows systems, and the BSOD is still part of that system. Now give MS credit for BSOD's being so rare now that stupid people that repeat lies and never admit their own fuckups, like yourself, thought they no longer exist !

Comment Re:Don't tell your doctor about marijuana (Score 0) 176

Doctors in the USA are not your friends. They do not care one bit what happens as a result of their collection and submission of your personal, private data. They care about MONEY, and that's it. We have the most expensive and least effective medical care in the world here as a result of doctor-worship, it's time that came to an end and the profiteering off people's suffering along with it.

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