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Comment Trump? No (Score 1) 429

This has nothing to do with Trump.

It has everything to do with the ever increasing idiocy at the border which is colloquially known as security theater. People choose not to visit the country where the border control has the rights to pry into all your electronic equipment and request your social networks passwords or deny you the entrance.

Comment Righto (Score 2) 245

Of course it's all BS and it's always been. You get fired - you usually get nothing and then break your neck trying to find a new job. Oh, and your wife may divorce you in a process 'cause you've become insolvent.

Guys who are upper in the corporate hierarchy enjoy golden parachutes and resumes which say that they've got experience in managing other people, so they move to other management positions in other companies where they continue to manage while those at the lowest rank get all the flak for the company's failures or misfortunes and get fired whenever the quarterly goals are not met.

And don't get me started on their salaries and benefits.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 4, Informative) 236

Do you think that ReactOS will ever reach the point where you can basically say "bye bye" to Microsoft Windows, but keep using all your favorite Windows software under ReactOS?

In ten years, maybe, if your favourite software is at least 5 years old.

Will this be able to run Windows Games and DCC software that taps into the processing power of the GPU?

Not likely, because in 10 years ReactOS will only properly support Windows XP, while Windows will move on so much, there will be no modern GPUs to support Windows XP. Even right now, the absolute minimum requirement for modern GPUs is Windows 7 and ReactOS doesn't support it at all.

Or will ReactOS wind up being "mildly compatible" with Windows software -- e.g. basic Office productivity type software works, but professional-grade 3D software like Maya/CATIA does not?

It already is.

Comment Malware, yeah (Score 1) 106

The threat level for users with smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system remains high.

Sigh. Yet another advertisement for a "security" company which most likely sells some "security" related products and/or services.

The truth is if 1) you don't have "unknown sources" enabled on your Android (it's OFF by default) 2) you update your Android software (it's updated by default) 3) your device receives regular updates, you're almost perfectly safe and you don't need to be running any AV product on your Android.

Comment There's no privacy in this world any longer (Score 4, Informative) 95

So even if you've never used the service, your name and number could be on Truecaller's database, thanks to someone else who's saved your contact details and allowed the app to access them.

It's not about only Truecaller. Even if you own a dumb phone, your friends have at least one instant messenger (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, LINE, Telegram, Skype, etc. etc. etc.) installed which knows your name, and in certain cases your home address and other data (your friends might have added your personal data to their address book).

If you want to remain private in this world, you cannot own a phone number at all.

Comment API/ABI fixes (Score 3, Informative) 55

Welcome another round of API/ABI breakage: even the latest beta NVIDIA drivers 381.09 are not compatible with this kernel. Here's a dirty hack/patch to resolve the incompatibility.

VMWare Workstation/Player 12.5.5 also needs some love.

VirtualBox has already been made compatible. Thanks, Oracle for keeping it up to date.

Lastly, a human readable changelog is always where you expect to find it:

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