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Comment ORLY? (Score 0) 136

Was there any financial harm? Or it's just someone's reputation and pride were wounded? This incident surely looks like the latter which means that the security department should have held responsible and the student should have gotten an oral reprimand, but not, "[Professors] also hope the university presses charges with local police to deter similar cases".

Comment Re:Time to buy?? (Score 1) 120

Bank transfers often take up to a week to be confirmed. 142 minutes are the average. If you're smart enough you'll choose a fee which will make your transaction be confirmed in under an hour.

Western Union is used by the people of the world. Tell me, how'd you send money (more or less instantly) from the US to a random person in some odd country or vice versa? Bitcoin makes it trivial. Bitcoin allows you to remain fully anonymous. Bitcoin won't make you fill in forms or show your ID. There will be no IRS involved.

Comment Re:Time to buy?? (Score 1) 120

Currency isn't supposed to generate wealth.

Every currency on Earth generates wealth if it's deposited in a bank. Or if there's a deflation.

It supposed to store wealth and make transactions easier. And if it isn't good as a currency, what good is it for?

Bitcoin stores wealth just fine and transactions using bitcoin are a lot easier and faster than using the traditional banking system.

But my point is that as long as people are treating Bitcoin as an investment, it really isn't much good as a currency.

People are inclined to treat everything which is rare and perceived as valuable as an investment. Every limited crypto-currency will be treated the same way.

It has no intrinsic value.

Fiat money has zero intrinsic value. Different countries and governments regularly refuse to pay debts and default on bonds.

It's no good for currency since transaction times are too long and transaction costs are too high.

Transaction times are fine and costs are nowhere near what you pay for e.g. SWIFT or Western Union transfers.

Eventually, people will figure out that Bitcoin is worthless.

Gold and silver are in a similar position. Or shares. Or bonds. Or even currencies in certain countries of the world. Go by something using gold ... oh, wait, you cannot. All by themselves gold and silver are worthless.

The only value it generates is taken from the suckers at the bottom of the pyramid.

The whole financial system of this world is basically a pyramid.

If you want to design a crypto-currency that actually functions as currency, you gotta design something that isn't used as an investment.

Good luck with that. You may as well rewrite people's DNA for that.

Otherwise, speculators are going to ruin it.

You mean human beings? And also tell me how Bitcoin is being ruined.

Comment Bitcoin's dominance (Score 2) 120

I'm more curious as to why bitcoin's dominance has been steadily increasing since July. One possible explanation is that alternative currencies (mainly Ethereum) are no longer as profitable as they used to be due to an increase in difficulty. Or maybe Bitcoin receives a lot more attention. Or maybe it's just the sum of everything: a number of large exchanges, publicity, many vaporware ICOs, etc. etc. etc.

Comment I like it (Score 1) 189

This is actually an excellent solution even for "valid" websites which misuse shady ad networks and contain otherwise bad JS code (for rendering/user interaction/ajax/etc). I just want these variables to be configurable, i.e. >=5 seconds of more than 70% 1 CPU core usage and the tab gets throttled.

Comment No such problem (Score 4, Interesting) 362

This "problem" is so exaggerated it's becoming annoying to hear about it again and again.

First of all, most respectable websites will never do anything like that. Secondly, shady websites which do host mining JavaScript are not normally visited by most people and the ones who visit such websites usually leave them quite fast, which means bad scripts can only run for a very limited amount of time. Thirdly, we've always had websites which peddle malware and somehow they stopped being newsworthy years ago. All of a sudden, they are again in the news.

Fourthly, we now have "good" websites which stress your CPU so much they can be considered "harmful". What about ad networks whose JS tax your CPU? Why aren't we talking about them?

Comment Re: Should users uninstall their AV software? (Score 1) 313

I perfectly understood what I said, and you keep arguing about something absolutely irrelevant.

I don't fucking care that AVs require kernel level drivers - that was not the point of my statement. The point was that by doing so they make the underlying OS a lot less secure because they make the attack surface a lot wider. A perfectly built OS does not require an AV. Check iOS, Android (to a lesser extent) and UWP (on Windows) - neither of them require an AV to stay secure.

Now fuck off, please, a wanna-be-security-researcher. You've written pretty much three completely inane paragraphs. I don't even understand why I decided to reply to your comments. A complete waste of time.

Comment Re:Should users uninstall their AV software? (Score 1) 313

I've already said that an OS which requires an AV in order to guard apps/data is not the OS you should be running in the first place.

Also, I am indeed a raving idiot because I don't have an AV installed and for my 25+ years of computer usage I've never been infected or lost my credentials (aside from companies leaking them, e.g. Adobe). That couldn't be attributed to sheer luck, right? Windows is inherently insecure and an AV gives you a false sense of security as indicated by literally tens of millions of examples when people have got infected while having a fully updated AV installed and running.

Comment Should users uninstall their AV software? (Score 1) 313

This is the question that needs to be asked.

Here's a list of the features that every AV has:

  • It doesn't fully protect you.
  • It slows down your OS.
  • It interferes with your OS functions.
  • It makes you trust unknown software with dubious functions.
  • It potentially makes your PC less secure, because AV needs kernel level drivers.
  • It may potentially be used to gather any information/spy on you without your knowledge.
  • Most AVs are dumb as fuck which means they cannot intelligently tell bad software from good software. Their heuristics is either a joke or a joke which makes your PC slow as hell.

Either your OS has means of protecting your data from apps, or apps from each other, or you cannot use this OS to run any new/unknown software.

Windows can be made more or less 100% secure if you use SandBoxie.

Comment FUD (Score 3, Insightful) 64

I hate all this constant stream of FUD in regard to crypto currencies. Fiat money can be stolen as well and it happens all the time, yet /. rarely if ever features such articles.

Every passing week brings at least five news pieces featuring five new prominent economists/advisors/CFO/etc. who all declare that Bitcoin is either a bubble or a Ponzi scheme.

We've all heard that Bitcoin is a fraud at least a thousand times already. Now leave it alone please. People who trade bitcoins or invest in bitcoins perfectly understand their risks. It's true that bitcoin's worth is basically zero unless the market agrees that it has a different price. The market has decided that it costs ~$4200 at the moment. It's true that Bitcoin might become worthless tomorrow. If you think otherwise you need to get a shot of common sense.

Submission + - The inexplicable case of conciousness locality and continuity ( 1

Artem Tashkinov writes: Ars has published a monumental article on beaming in Star Trek and its implications, and more importantly whether it's plausible or not to beam consciousness without killing us in the process. It seems possible in the Star Trek universe, however currently physicists find the idea absurd and unreal because there's no way you can transport matter and its quantum state without first destroying it and then recreating it perfectly due to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The biggest conundrum of all is the fact that pretty much everyone understands that conciousness is a physical state of the brain, which features continuity as its primary principle, yet it surely seems like copying the said state produces a new person altogether which brings the problem of conciousness becoming local to one's skull and inseparable from gray matter which sounds a bit unscientific because it introduces the notion that there's something about our brain which cannot be described in terms of physics, almost like soul. This also brings another very difficult question: how do we know if we are the same person when we wake up in the morning or after we were put under during general anaesthesia?

What do slashdotters think about all of that?

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