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Comment Re:At least this is better than the legal system (Score 1, Insightful) 383

So at what point in the post above is proof offered that the ISP serving take down notices will ultimately lead said ISP snooping any and all data for any third party that asks for it?

I also fail to see how my suggestion that it is slippery slope/fallacy is off-topic. It is entirely on-topic; I am suggesting that the reply to my initial comment is not valid. Maybe I was incorrect with my assertion, but that doesn't make it off-topic! ::face palm:: *this wasn't directed at fredklein, but I didn't want to make another post.

Comment Re:At least this is better than the legal system (Score 1, Insightful) 383

Exactly. There may be concerns of privacy (ISP snooping your data, etc) but considering what we've seen the RIAA due (sue people for ridiculous sums of money) this seems sensible.

"Hey, what you're doing is violating copyright and can bring a hefty fine! So why don't you stop it?"

Common sense is what we preach, but I have a feeling this won't be good enough for most here on /.

Comment Re:Wii: Without a friend code, why not play vs. CP (Score 1) 232

The Wii most certainly can play games online without buying a membership. You even said so yourself.

Just because the anonymous users are anonymous does not negate the fact that you are playing games against human players. If they are indistinguishable from CPU opponents then 1) the game has great AI or 2) the human players are horrible. :-)

Comment Re:I want a PS3 (Score 2, Informative) 232

1) The parent was simply asserting that you could charge it on a PC. Just because you don't want to charge it while using your laptop doesn't mean it's completely unacceptable for most people. 2) It would be silly to leave your PC on just to charge your PS3. However I'd say most people on slashdot leave their computers on nigh 24/7. 3) Not true. I have charged my PS3 controller on both my desktop and (gasp) my laptop. I've also charged it using my DVR which has a USB port.

Comment Re:Piracy? What Piracy? (Score 1) 296

One thing that I feel should be said about the translation is that a lot of people (although I am not stupid enough to say even 20% of the 100k people, but let's leave it at "a lot") purchased the Japanese version and imported it. They played it well before the translation patch with a guide in a text document.

That's how much people love this game; that's how little Nintendo cares.

Comment Re:The amount of money.... (Score 1) 664

So you're saying free news sources are good right? So am I! Good grief, I'm simply stating that there is a good reason to have a TV tuner... to watch the news. Perhaps not everyone can get to a local library everyday to read the paper. That leaves radio and TV for the most part. So why does your statement of "radio is cheaper" better or more acceptable or relevant than my statement that "TV has news as well"? You're arguing about something that needn't be argued about.

Yes, radio has news. Libraries have newspapers. But is it not also true to say that there is news available on the TV over the airwaves? And that's what the OP was "asking" about... TV and it's uses.

If you ask me both you and I put too much effort into this trollish post at the top of this thread :-)

Comment Re:The amount of money.... (Score 1) 664

I believe it. The OP suggested that he may be forgetting things on TV that are worthwhile, just in a snarky way. I provided an example.

I don't understand how what I said would imply these peole are illiterate or that I believe they are illiterate. It just means I think people may use the TV for more than reality television and police dramas.

Additionally, not everyone has the home paper delivered and I know several elderly (and not so elderly) people who rely on television for news because they do not receive the paper. That does not mean they cannot read, however.

Comment Re:The amount of money.... (Score 1) 664

Network television has news, and I watch my local news most days.

And the OP was asking if there was anything on TV that was important, and that could be... I provided an answer. I didn't say there weren't alternatives, but to simply suggest everything on TV is not worthwhile is silly.

Also, friends and co-workers aren't a good source of news... remember the "telephone" game from elementary school? :-D

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