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Comment Re:Yeah, well look at Apple's INSANE markup. (Score 2) 196

I'm as disappointed as everyone else in the new macbook pro, but I also recognize that its a great machine that been incorrectly positioned. If they had positioned it as "The best Macbook Air we've ever made" it would be enjoying completely different sentiment in the press. We'd all still be wondering WTF am I going to get a new pro level laptop, but it would be easier to move on if they admitted outright that they were abandoning the pro market.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 495

Agreed. Making the laptop smaller is pointless if the bag of adapters you have to carry with you keeps getting bigger. Things are pretty absurd in Apple land as it is. I've got USB->Ethernet, TB->Ethernet, TB->HDMI, TB->VGA,TB->DVI, USB->Serial (two of them, and the Cisco adapters to go with them), A USB hub and a USB DVD drive, and yes, a pair of headphones (Earpods). I'm covered regardless of what kind of projector or customer equipment I need to interact with, but its a big bag of crap thats starting to dwarf the laptop they plug into.

Comment Wireless headphones suck if you have to talk (Score 1) 495

They're adequate for listening, but if you do anything where people need to hear you, like webex meetings, conference calls, distance learning, etc, wireless headphones just make you look (or rather sound) bad. Nobody can take you seriously if you sound like you're calling from an offshore call center. It doesn't matter how courageous the wireless chip is when someone uses the microwave while you're trying to talk to a client.

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

There is no audio in that path. It moves the DAC into the headphones or the headphone dongle. The apple/beats ones are probably decent, or at least equivalent to the one that used to be in the phone. The cheap crap from china will still sound like cheap crap from china though.

Comment Re:Dumping the Headphone Jack: My Theory (Score 1) 551

Lightning connectors add $20 to the cost of whatever they are used in. There are authentication ships inside the connector with unique IDs. Cloned chip IDs used by Chinese counterfeiters are eventually blacklisted by IOS updates, but for everyone else, it gives apple control over what accessories are produced and by whom along with a tax on each accessory sold.

Comment Re:Why is everyone obsessed about headphone jack (Score 1) 551

Wireless adds a lot of cost in dollars, battery life, and sound quality.
Wired via the lightning connector means you can't keep the phone charged while driving if you live in a state with a handsfree mandate.

The DRM risks are more subtle, like they were with HDMI, so the impact will take a while to manifest.

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