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Comment Even better (Score 1) 189

You can use one of the open source distributions that were forked from OpenSolaris (more or less): Nexenta, Illumos, etc

ZFS alone makes this more than worthwhile, although you can now have ZFS with FreeBSD, OS X, and even Linux.

Comment NoSQL (Score 3, Insightful) 432

"Case in point NoSQL. Who had it first? Open Source"

Depends how you define NoSQL. DynamoDB paper was published circa 2007 but the product is not open source. What open source product did you have in mind that defines NoSQL? BerkeleyDB?

NodeJS, PHP, Ruby are the village idiots... not really worth bragging about :) But beyond these, yes, some very impressive platforms are open source.

Comment Oh dearie me no (Score 4, Informative) 103

The only metric being optimised is profit for $BIGCO's owners; the wellbeing and prosperity of Iowans is irrelevant. Ask Indian farmers how Coca-Cola bottling plants (and bottled water plants) are helping THEM.

You're aware that data centres like this employ about 50 people, right? This is not a business that sustains the local economy.

Slashdot's libertarian reptile brain really should try harder.

Comment Re:I believe the entire media sphere has been trol (Score 2) 237

" I think smoking crack is extremely out-of-character for him"


"video of drunken bumblingness, ..., or just general belligerence"

—it has that *as well*, including slurs against Justin Trudeau, gays, and the kids he spends his afternoons coaching instead of working.

"kudos to the epic trolls who started the rumour"

—The video is not a "rumour". It's out there and has been seen by journalists who didn't have the $200K on them at the time.

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