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Comment Re:It's got Office and that's good enough for some (Score 1) 357

Plethora of cheap and free online and offline competent Office suites doesn't really work for most business people I'm afraid...

Sure, some suites might do most or some of what people want, but when it comes down to it, most people just want stuff to work. And if the RT version of Office means that stuff "just works" then people will buy it, regardless of position on whether it's free, cheap or whatever...

Comment It's got Office and that's good enough for some (Score 1, Interesting) 357

Ok, so it's a slightly less featured version that the full x86 Office 2013, but if it means I don't have to fart around with reformatting at teh last minute in Keynote, Page and Numbers on an iPad, or any of the other feeble attempts at Office compatibility to do a presentation, then that's just fine by me. Sure I could take a laptop, but I get some good results by simply passing the tablet around.

10 years ago, people were paying £450 for a full Office software suite, so the idea of spending an equivalent amount for Office on a tablet isn't that much of a dealbreaker when you consider it.

Comment ARM locks ARM users into 2nd rate experience! (Score 1) 303

Seriously, whether the desktop was available or not on Win RT ARM tablets, the experience would always be inferior. Saying that ARM users are getting a second rate experience is stupid. Have them install something that runs badly on their hardware, that's a second rate experience.

What the Metro and MS store is allow developers to write across both architectures with ease. While a Metro app may appear that taxes an ARM tablet, that same app isn't going to break a sweat on a multicore x86 box.

You may as well say iPhone users get a second rate experience because the iPad screen is bigger...

That said though, MS wording as to what Windows 8 certification actually is seems confused. It should really be Certified for Metro, and they should do more to differentiate between cosmetically identical, but technically different products in Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

Comment Compaq TC1000, circa 2002 (Score 1) 201

The Compaq TC1000 and TC1100 were PCs running Windows XP Tablet Edition. They were just over a cm thick and had a nice tilt and swivel detachable keyboard. For the time, it was utterly astonishing and only really let down by its slow CPU and half-hearted support from Compaq/HP. Indeed I only switched back to laptops when HP discontinued the range. As far as form factors go though, it pretty much nailed how a hybrid tablet/laptop should function... ten years ago.

Comment Article is wrong; no IE support on the ADMIN pages (Score 1) 273

The story here misses out one key piece of information; that just the administration pages don't work on IE. The sites they're creating with said admin system work fine on IE. The company explicitly points this out - go here and click the sign up button:

Now, that's not such a big deal and nobody's going to complain because they can easily get the thing working by downloading another free browser. .

I'v done the same thing in the past, and also the exact opposite - making an admin interface that only works in IE. It's not a big deal, and in most cases it's the norm for intranet-style sites. That said, if someone reads this, runs out and decides to make their public-facing site IE-unfriendly, thinking they'll save $100,000, then they're nuts...

Comment I'm quite happy with my solution... (Score 3, Interesting) 237

...going for a walk. A good walk works wonders and is a little less extreme than electrodes in the brain. That said, my depression was a side effect of a long term illness and the walking may have had other health benefits that improved my mindset.

That said, walking might not be a great idea if you'd lost your job, sold your car, etc. etc...

Comment Well... (Score 5, Insightful) 646

...that's two years to do something about it. What does everyone expect; Microsoft to support it forever?

14 years of support seems pretty generous - I mean how many versions of OS do Apple currently support? Certainly not all the way back to OS X 10.0. I'm also sure that a lot of those embedded and industrial systems will be updated before then. That's more the job of the manufacturers than Microsoft.

Comment Perfectly plausible... (Score 3, Insightful) 263

Especially when you consider that the click wheel iPod is thought to be influenced by a 1954 transistor radio.

Plus even Jobs' comments about the iPhone 4 being "like a Leica camera" betray the fact to yes, their designers look to past gadgets for inspiration, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone given the task of locating the port saw the Polaroid camera and went "let's try that"...

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