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Comment Re:What I'm REALLY looking for is (Score 1) 115

What I love about my Acatel (I abuse phones so I went for the One Touch Flint and was amazed by the quality, all day battery life and even plays 3d games quite well) is how easy it was to root without any bullshit malware like kingoroot. It was less than 3 minutes from unboxing the Flint before it was rooted, hell I didn't even have my sim card in it!

Making it easy to root the device if the user wants to? Gives them a BIG thumbs up from me, and anybody who has gone through hell trying to root a phone that isn't from a major manufacturer will know how fucking awesome that is!

Comment Re:What I'm REALLY looking for is (Score 1) 115

Alcatel has some nice phones in smaller form factors, I personally prefer the larger phones myself but if they want a smaller android phone that would probably be the company to go for. I personally prefer Alcatel because you can trivially root them WITHOUT having to use any third party malware like kingoroot, you can literally take an Alcatel out of the box and using nothing but their own installed app have the phone rooted in under 3 minutes.

Comment Re:Except it was fake news from media companies... (Score 2) 138

Dude I fucking dare you to go read the Podesta emails and come back here with a straight face and tell us he and his buddies at the pizza place aren't fucking pedos, I dare you. I'll even give you the places to start, start with the Podesta "hot tub" email and follow that with the paintings of children hanging up in that place.

Just because a nut tried to take the law into his own hands does NOT mean the people there aren't fucking scumbags. Or are you gonna really stand here and tell us that a 50 year old man having 7-9 year old girls waiting for him in a hot tub as "entertainment" while his buddies at the pizza place have pictures on the wall of young kids in underwear with their asses red and frightened looks on their faces is completely normal?

Comment Re:Just Plain Disgusting (Score 2, Insightful) 138

Oh please! The Russians didn't have to do shit, Shillary destroying evidence, taking hammers to her devices, and shilling her office to Qatar while calling everyone who disagreed with her an "ist" guaranteed you could run the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa and kick her ass!

Look up her approval numbers before the was at 16%, after all the media slobbering all over her and singing her praises for nearly 2 years? Her numbers were..drumroll...15%. the woman was and is HATED because she is a lying manipulative shill who thinks her shit don't stink and that you are too stupid to see through her obviously phony spin. There was literally NOBODY in the democratic party with worse numbers than her, NOBODY. Not Bernie, not Warren, hell I bet Gary Hart has better approval ratings than her!

All wikileaks did was give us the details to the underhanded shit we already knew she was doing. We already knew about her destroying evidence, already knew of her taking huge checks from Wall Street, already knew about how she flip flopped and changed direction more than a wind sock in a hurricane, there was nothing positive about that woman but because she was asshole buddies with the money men and insiders they thought they could force her down the public's throats because they thought we were too fucking stupid to see through their obvious propaganda.

BTW you can thank her for Trump, look up "Clinton pied piper candidate" and you'll see how she told the media to suck up and sing Trump's praises because she thought her identity politics would be an easy sell when facing him instead of a more traditional candidate...well she found out what any pollster that wasn't on her payroll could have told her, that a 60 year old mummified turd from Richard Nixon would draw more positive numbers than she would!

Comment Re:Memories? (Score 1) 332

I still give it to customers for use on their HTPCs as I've found most customers like to have the visualizations going when they are playing their music, gives their guests something to look at as they are passing by the screen at parties, and winamp has to be the easiest that I've found for computer noobs to use. Layout for the songs/artist/album on the left, and a big easy to hit visualization tab in the middle...couldn't be simpler to use and it takes me less than 3 minutes to show even the most noobish how to make playlists in winamp.

Ya know there are plenty of times a customer doesn't want all the bells and whistles, they just want simple and easy and with winamp having a ton of visualizations built in as well as several auto generated playlists that customers just seem to love? It was really a no brainer to put it on my standard install stick, just a great player for HTPCs.

Comment Re:SO MUCH WINNING (Score -1, Troll) 642

The stock market is setting records, unemployment is at a 16 year low, crime on the border is way down, and he hasn't started any wars like Shillary was foaming at the mouth for with Iran and Syria not to mention Russia...seriously WTF does the whiny ass left want?

I mean did anybody actually WATCH his statement against the violence in NC or did you just buy the bullshit FNN (fake news network which anybody on the left who still believes CNN after the producer was caught on camera admitting he was pushing fake stories is fucking retarded and needs a safe space with rubber bumpers so they don't hurt themselves) because he condemned the violence on ALL sides and I hate to break the news to ya but antifa was there as well doing their usual fascist shtick of wearing masks and beating people they disagree with but of course since antifa is communist and the FNN and their friends are socialists, can't say anything about that, nope. You can beat all the people you long as they are the correct skin color or hold beliefs that you do not.

Sorry but racist shit is racist shit and as anybody who has actually watched the raw footage can plainly see BOTH SIDES went their looking for a fight and got exactly what they were looking for. Personally I say wall it off and let them kill each other, the less antifa and nazis there are in the world the better the world is, win/win.

Comment Re:There is a difference (Score -1, Flamebait) 378

As long as you support the corporatist cabal that is the DNC instead of demanding investigations and jail time for those that rigged the primary against Bernie as well as jail time for Shillary for obstruction and destroying evidence? Then all you are gonna have is Coke in a bottle VS Coke in a can, there is so little difference between the 2 parties its not even coke VS pepsi anymore.

There has to be an end to being hypocrites and allowing corrupt behavior as long as its "our" party like its a fucking ball team or allowing crimes because "Hey if we do something about it then ZOMFG we'll help the other side OMG!", Shillary and the DNC rigged the primary, thanks to Wikileaks we have more than enough evidence to prove that, and Comey laid out more than enough criminal activity to convict HRC. Its time we demand her and her cabal go to jail, clean the gutters of the corporate trash controlling the DNC, and then in 2020 we the people can actually have a say and choose a decent candidate instead of having a corporate shill shoved upon us.

Comment Re:Liberal != Leftists != Democrat (Score 1) 1021

Yeah and you still watched as the DNC rigged the primary and got in bed with the MSM to push Shillary and her bankster agenda, and how many of you demanded an investigation into HRC and the DNC? How many of you will support an investigation now because you think it will help Trump?

A hypocrite is a hypocrite and any Bernie backer who doesn't support an investigation into the laundry list of crimes by HRC and the DNC deserve to be kicked to the curb, because you are helping the corrupt to stay in power.

Comment Re:We have met the Enemey... (Score 1) 1021

Because reality doesn't follow political narrative and there are things that men are better than women at just as there are things women are better than men at? Women have much better language skills and make better translators, they also are better able to read body language and are therefor good in roles such as hostage negotiation. Women also make better fighter pilots do to the way the female body handles G-forces compared to men, a woman will handle more before passing out than a guy will. Are women better or worse engineers? IDK as I haven't sen any studies and in todays "all that matters is politics" climate I doubt I will because if a study has conclusions that don't fit the political narrative there can be serious risks for the career of the one doing the study.

Of course if regressives weren't racist and sexist we would simply judge people NOT on their skin color or race but simply on their merits and ability to do a job but from reading the memo? Is sadly not what is going on there, its the same old "diversity" bullshit where diversity is a code word for tokenism and discrimination.

Comment Re: They looked for it (Score 1) 352

Podesta is a fucking pedo, Breitbart nailed that before he died, its obvious by reading the "hot tub" email that Podesta and his friends are all pedos.

Which makes me wonder if that isn't why we are seeing so much of the MSM is ignoring Podesta and going after Trump, because Trump has had the FBI going after pedos and Podesta showed there are a LOT of pervs in high levels in DC.

Comment Re: They looked for it (Score 1, Insightful) 352

Yet despite the fact that all I have said is backed by solid evidence including incriminating statements, emails, and proof of lying under oath and destruction of evidence the Shillary SJW army will try their best to bury anyone who disagrees with their false political narrative.

Those of us who actually supported the non shill candidates (I personally supported Sanders) got to see the entire primary process shown to be a sham and as rigged as a game of three card monty by a group of banksters and foreign influence by countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar...yet we are supposed to buy their "ZOMFG its teh Russians!" bullshit? When even the bigwigs at CNN admitted on camera that its bullshit?

It just shows how many have been turned into bleating sheep by identity politics, because we literally have proof of their crimes in their own words with emails, hidden cameras, and sworn statements before congress but sadly so many here are so fucking brainwashed the MSM can say "Who are ya gonna believe, us or your lying eyes?" and they will ignore mountains of evidence because it doesn't support their warped failed political narrative.

Comment Re:Mobile and Microsoft (Score 1) 65

That is what was said when MSFT came out with WinCE and did that work out for them? The sad part is having used all three major OSes I'd say WinPhone should have the second if not the first place if you based it on actual ease of use and giving control to the end user but the network effect went against MSFT showing that having the best product doesn't mean its gonna win.

MSFT simply does not have a good track record on making inroads into areas that aren't directly connected to their core strengths of Windows, Office, and Xbox and I've seen nothing to make me believe this will change anytime soon under Nutella.

Comment Re: They looked for it (Score 2, Insightful) 352

What I find hilarious is thanks to Wikileaks we have more than enough evidence to prove there was major collusion between the DNC and several large news outlets to ignore crimes and influence the election but the thing we are supposed to care about is Russia MIGHT have acted like Internet trolls and went "psst psst"....really? Do they REALLY expect us to be Russia having some Internet trolls makes them more powerful than a dozen billion dollar news outlets and the DNC when it comes to affecting our election process? Really?

The DNC and HRC rigged the primary to insure Bernie couldn't win, the MSM in cahoots with the DNC went out of their way to ignore evidence of crimes committed by HRC including but not limited to lying under oath to congress, lying to the FBI, and destroying evidence that was under subpoena, we even had a former president having a secret meeting with the person in charge of investigating his wife who in turn ordered the head of the FBI to change his language to cover up the fact HRC was under investigation, but we should care about Russian trolls...really?

I think we can all see who the REAL threat to democracy is, its the fake news outlets like CNN who are in the pocket of the DNC and whom have a vested interest NOT in reporting facts but pushing a political narrative. Between Wikileaks and Project Veritas I'd say we have more than enough evidence for arrests to be why aren't we making them? Who is covering for those that were helping the DNC to shove HRC down our throats? This is what we really should be investigating because if we do not? Its never gonna matter what the people do on a grass roots level because the corporate masters can sit in a back room and choose who is gonna win the primaries no matter what.

Oh and for those that think Shillary and the DNC could do no wrong? You have them to thank for Donald Trump, look up "pied piper candidate" and see for yourself how Shillary and her pet MSM pushed Trump because they figured with her identity politics would play well against him compared to more mainstream candidates like Bush or Cruz.

Comment Just buy an Alcatel.. (Score 1) 43

You can root them with NO third party apps and then remove anything you do not care for, easy peasy. If you have an Alcatel or plan to buy one here is how you root it in under 2 minutes..

Alcatel has its own "system updates" app. If you tap the three dots in the right hand corner and then hit "Help", then hit the "Auto -Check Intervals" button a bunch, it will unlock "Advanced Mode." Go back and tap the three dots again and it will be under "help." When you go into this advanced mode, it will ask you for a "tester password". The pass is fotaapp*#1221#.

As far as BLU goes? They are a company that just rebrands Chinese smartphones and sells them in the US, I seriously doubt they have even a handful of devs so it really doesn't surprise me they are using third parties for updates as they are just middlemen.

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