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Comment Re:Not so Invulnerable now, huh...? (Score 2) 173

2003 called, they wanted their scaremongering back.

If you use OSX and practice safe computing (that means NO JAVA FOR YOU), then yea, you're tough as nails to crack. No OS is idiot-proof, though.

The same can't be said for many variants of Windows, especially those still using XP where inserting an infected thumb drive will wreck havoc on your system, hell no, on your entire enterprise network.

Comment Re:Yeah, but $54 for a USB Wifi? (Score 2) 85

Srsly. Since when does a piddly $54 scare away a bona fide nerd. Having tools like this around when you have an epiphany on the crapper is priceless. I mean, come on, any of you could wipe your ass with $54 and still have plenty where that came from...

I was going to buy FOUR of them to hack and play around with small devices like the Raspberry Pi. Balked at the $216 price tag and never came back. Don't judge.
We have $25 single-board computers and $25 OpenWRT-enabled routers WITH USB SUPPORT (TP-Link WR703N).

A $54 Wifi dongle is, no matter how you put it, downright stupid.

Comment Yeah, but $54 for a USB Wifi? (Score 4, Informative) 85

Looks like the price of freedom is pretty steep.

It's not like we are starved for wifi dongles that "just work" on Linux without NDISWrapper. We're not in 2003.

eg: http://dx.com/p/802-11n-150mbps-wifi-wlan-wireless-network-usb-adapter-53538 $10 bucks including shipping, and there are TONS cheaper than this. I just looked for one that specifically said "Linux compatible".

Comment Re:Actually closed-blob free? Re:Except that it's (Score 0) 152

"The bunnie" says otherwise (from The Fine Article's comment section):

bunnie says:
December 16, 2012 at 3:20 am

Clarification: Wifi does not require a closed-source blob, if you use an Atheros 9k mPCI-x version

The USB card is provided as an option just in case you want to put something else in the mini PCI slot, or you wanted a second wifi interface for some reason. Also, the USB card is much cheaper than the mPCIx card, so it’s a cost-down option for those who don’t care as much about a small blob in the system. Basically, if you care about having no blob for wifi, you can pay for an option that is open source.

GPU, on the other hand, is probably out of reach. nvdia and ATI have set a pretty strong precedent for closed source drivers to use those elements, and the IP vendors for integrated GPUs (like Vivante) are following suit. However, GPU is non-essential IMO for a large application space.

An interesting project, I wish them luck. Even if it is never widely popular in the marketplace, who knows what spinoff projects this might launch?

Yeah, for Wifi IF you use one specific mPCI-x version, but he also ammends GPUs are "out of reach", as in "binary blobs required". So, from a purist point of view, no different than the myriad of ARM netbooks/tablets/convertibles/whatnot.

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