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Comment compromise (Score 1) 340

instead of making one circular runaway - which is difficult for the pilots to use -, make 12 runaways in the shape of a dodecagon, or 16 in the shape of a hexadecagon. You'd have the advantage of being able to take of/land from mostly any wind direction, while still having a straight runaway for the pilot to use. And you would always have two working runaways all the time.

Comment Re:Sounds useless (Score 1) 159

being useless to you doesn't mean its useless for others.

Imagine this being used in convention centers, where one could print the daily schedule on a sheet of paper that was reused from a previous convention.
This used in mass to handle today's sermon and lyrics to the churchgoers, and then have the flyer be reused on the next day for a different sermon.
This used internally in companies to share confidential information among employees.
This used in hospitals, to print the information of a short-term patient.

There are plenty of uses. You are just thinking about your needs.

Comment if only life was this easy (Score 2) 379

lots of comments here are saying 'get a life', 'get out', 'stay away from them if they make you miserable'
if only life was this easy
'get out' of the place you have been dedicating a lot of work
'get a life' when life and internet are something mixed up together now, and the people you most speak with are the one part of the community you are supposed to leave
'stay away from them if they make you miserable' and ignore all the ones that make your life brighter
i was part of a wiki community (UrbanDead Wiki), and it was a toxic environment at times. There were several occasions were i felt bad about what was happening there, and left it for a while, only to return a few weeks later and resume my work there. In other occasions, i prolly was the toxic guy, which helped drive some users away from it. Its insane, and full of Drama, and reflects the same kind of toxicity that i noticed on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia communities. Its not part of the code, but its something embedded on it like a curse.

Comment subpar (Score 1) 523

i once created a backend application from scratch, everything homebrew
it was easy to mantain, it was easy to improve, the code was as human readable as the abc
sadly, there were some gotchas : i had to follow some management decisions, the backend didn't validated some features of the application which were to be validated only on the frontend
months later, , a new manager comes in and berates me for the lack of validation of said features, the manager who told me not to said that if the backend wasn't "subpar" it would have been validating it
i quit the same day

ps. there were other reasons for me to quit, the 'subpar' comment was the last straw

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