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Comment Re:Why would you do that? (Score 1) 192

The advice by your lawyers may be good advice, but realize that it is advice that also serves the company that the lawyers are being paid by (the insurance company). It is advice designed to decrease the chance that the terminated employee will start legal action against you, causing your insurance company to spend money on said lawyers and other bits and pieces.

Just depends on how important your view of the truth (that your ex employee was really embezzling) is.

Comment Re:If I've said it once.... (Score 1) 244

“And the Flatline aligned the nose of Kuang's sting with the center of the dark below. And dove. Case's sensory input warped with their velocity. His mouth filled with an aching taste of blue. His eyes were eggs of unstable crystal, vibrating with a frequency whose name was rain and the sounds of trains, suddenly sprouting a humming forest of hair-fine spines. The spines split, bisected, split again, exponential growth under the dome of the Tessier-Ashpool ice.”

William Gibson, Neuromancer

Comment Re:Why did the helicopter pilot run into the drone (Score 2) 141

The 'Law of Gross Tonnage' is actually not written into maritime law but it is well known and typically followed (if you plan on staying alive).

The reason that drones don't have the right-of-way is because it is unmanned. Robots are ALWAYS subservient to humans. Been that way since the 1950's,

Comment Re:Has anyone crowdfunded a modular DTR laptop yet (Score 1) 52

There appear to be more of US then there are of you.

It's just that simple. If the market really had demonstrated that a large number of people really wanted to swap out their CPUs (assuming they had any idea what they were) or add RAM (What? A truck?) or any of the other geeky things that tickle you, we'd see them.

You are hiding in an incredibly small niche. That's fine and dandy, even potentially uplifting.

But it's not profitable.

Comment Re:Excessive hate? (Score 1) 96

Theranos has had plenty of time to show up their 'tech'. While their idea is a good one (multiple medical tests on very small sample volumes) they have been unable to produce pretty much anything in close to a decade of research. There may be some IP worth pursuing in this mess, but that certainly isn't a given - at least from the publicly available information.

If it's not completely hot air, it's pretty damn close. Remember, we have plenty of medical tests that can be run with a small sample volume - 100 microliters (0.1 ml). The issue is getting all two hundred tests done on a similarly sized sample.

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