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Comment Re:Can't see why this would matter. (Score 4, Insightful) 736

A cardiac surgeon doesn't know much otolaryngology;

That analogy would be correct if people wouldn't know the difference between Java programmers and C++ programmers. I'm pretty sure every cardiologist would feel a bit insulted if a patient wouldn't know the difference between him and a nurse. Nothing against nurses, every hospital would collapse without their work.

Comment Re:On a related note.. (Score 1) 130

If you mean this DjangoCMS: yes, I use it for a couple of smalish sites (bigger ones to follow). While it has great potential, it's very noticeable that it is a new product that has not seen a stable release yet (although its version number is 2.0.0 RC2). It's a fast moving target right now, but I really like the direction it is going. With a bit of polish and some community building, this could become one of Django's killer applications.

Comment Re:Kudos to Nokia (Score 4, Insightful) 263

Or isn't the GPL considered open anymore?

Not if you want to write commercial software on top of it, which is what Nokia wants to enable.

I know the terms of the GPL and LGPL, thank you. I simply think it's unfair to make Riverbank look like the bad guys and Nokia the saviours. Riverbank provided superb Python bindings for a long time and Phil (the guy behind PyQt and Riverbank) offered great support for GPL-users on the mailing list. PySide has a long way to go to offer a comparable experience (just read the blog post on PySide of the main PyKDE developer)

Comment Re:Clearly full of spy tools. (Score 3, Informative) 218

What about the countries they originally came from? Do they not want them back? Why? Or is it that they don't want to go back? If so why?

Oh, most of their countries of origin would love to take them back. Then throw them into jail and torture them. In the specific case of the 17 Uighurs, the country of origin is China. We all know how much China likes members of ethnic minorities, especially if said members were in Afghanistan and could have been subject to terrorist training. The Wikipedia article got a bit of background information on the topic.

The Guananamo Uighurs are also a subject of discussion in e.g. Germany. While the possible threat of terrorism is generally assessed as non-existant, the German government tries hard to avoid any quarrels with China. Granting asylum to these detainees would certainly stress the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Comment Re:Facts & fiction (Score 1) 325

"The Swiss government walked a tightrope between doing the morally right thing and securing its own survival." You could say the same of Vichy. The fact is, all governments were faced with a choice between resisting or submitting. Some fought, some submitted. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Britain, France -- fought. Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Austria, Vichy France -- submitted. I am not talking about the people, just the governments.

OK, you'll have to brush up your WWII history knowledge. Comparing Switzerland's stance towards the Nazis to that of Austria is completely wrong. Austria welcomed the Führer with open arms. Switzerland shot down German planes and let its people know that any declaration of surrender should be considered an enemy lie.

Please read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland_during_the_World_Wars#World_War_II

Comment Re:Facts & fiction (Score 3, Insightful) 325

The Swiss had an ignominious history in WWII. They looked out for their own financial interests at the expense of all others.

Won't this ever stop? Yes, there where some assholes that made a profit out of the desperate situation of wealthy Jews, yes, in hindsight, the Swiss government didn't criticize Nazi Germany as much as it should have. But, as always, you have to consider the context. As of 1940, Switzerland was completely surrounded by the Nazis. The Swiss government walked a tightrope between doing the morally right thing and securing its own survival. Calling Switzerland a profiteer of WWII is, quite simply, historically wrong.

Besides, Switzerland formed an independant comission to illuminate its role in the war. I'm not aware that any other country did something comparable to look at its past failings.

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