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Comment Re:What a wasted opportunity (Score 2, Interesting) 111

Well think about it. How many generations does it take for a favorable gene to spread trough the population? Give the flies another favorable gene as well as the smell gene, then set them loose to make babies. I read somewhere that it takes 3000-5000 years for humans, but fly generations are much shorter, so maybe we could reap the advantages in our lifetime.

Comment Re:it's not the justice... (Score 1) 230

Yeah well at least we don't have to pay millions if we're guilty. There is no such thing as punitive damages paid to the opposing party here, only actual damages that can be proved. Also if you're sentenced to a fine (which would be the most likely sentence for a file sharer) that fine is based on how much income you have, its never so much that it'll drive you bankrupt for the next 50 years. You might be sentenced to pay, for example, 30 days of your income after taxes.

Comment tools I found useful (Score 5, Informative) 411

Here are some random things I find useful, related to user interaction (mostly becuase it notifies the user):

Oven timer:
sleep $((20*60)); xmessage "Dinner is done"

Quick macro for automating some repetitive task in a program:
xdotool type "something"; xdotool key Return; xdotool mousemove $x $y; xdotool click 1; (and so on)

Copying a file to/from the clipboard (can also copy from /topipe, so the output of any command). Faster than opening a text editor:
xclip -in file

Notifying me when some specific thing changed on a website:
CHECKLINE="$(curl -s http://somewebsite.org/somepage.html | grep "currently undergoing maintenence")"
while true; do
    sleep 120
    [ -z "$CHECKLINE" ] && xmessage "somewebsite is open again" && exit

Or just checking for changes in general (I use this for notifying me when something changed when tracking something I ordered, so I know the minute the package is ready to get picked up at the post office):
while true; do
    CONTENT=$(elinks -dump 1 -dump-charset iso-8859-1 "http://someurl.com/track?id=someid")
    MD5=$(echo -n $CONTENT | md5sum -)

    [ "${MD5}" != "${OLD_MD5}" ] && {
        xmessage "$(printf "New action: :\n\n${CONTENT}")"
    sleep 120

If you don't want to interrupt what you're doing with a pop-up you can pipe it to osd_cat instead to have the text appear over whatever program you're currently working with. Adding a few beep; beep; beep; beep; is also a good way to get your attention if you're not paying 100% attention to your computer all the time.

Comment Re:Standalone Systems will just be enhanced (Score 1) 300

1 and 4: Its clear that we don't live in the same part of the world. 2: Who said anything about following instructions blindly? You don't have to turn into an idiot just because you have a GPS. And instructions could be made simple. They could say "follow the road that leads towards X" and you look at the signs and take that turn, or continue forwards, or switch lanes or whatever the signs indicate. 3: There is an easy way to see the streets around you. Its called looking out the window. Disclaimer: I don't have a driverce licence, and not much experience driving.

Comment Re:Standalone GPS (Score 1) 300

Yes, and thats not a problem, as you can just add or remove padding as needed. The problem would be if its significantly bigger. Or if it was so small that it would fit inside the part that has a transparent plastic film, rather than being stopped by the hard plastic, because I'm not sure that the film would last that long with the pressure of the device directly on it.

Comment Re:pay to use my hardware (Score 1) 300

You probably don't have to pay to use the hardware. Freeware GPS apps can probably access the GPS fine.

There are good free maps too. What you have to pay for is probably maps that has built in navigation metadata so it can calculate how you should drive. Those costs a bit more to produce, and those are what nokia are now giving away for free, which is what this story is all about. Which is no different than buying software for a computer, even if you already bought the computer.

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