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Comment Re:Learn to dance (Score 0) 1354

but what are you looking for?
your objective is some one with similar interests so that you two do stuff together. eg. write a program. open a software company. dance, wait .. you dont dance but she does? oh so you are going to sit and watch her dance with that hot flamingo dance?

i dint think so.

what i normally hear are things like: the local mosque or the library if you want brainy

Comment Re:USB connectors (Score 0) 277

wait let me get this straight....

green plug invented a technology (i assume its patented) that uses a chip (i assume they manufacture it) that has to be put in every electronic gadget on earth (i heard the word monopoly). and this will make the gadgets less competitive to the cheap clones...

someone explain to me why consumers should want this?

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