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Comment Re:cnbc is so biased (Score 1) 222

Or, you know, just enjoy the fact that most of our electricity is already from renewable non-carbon-emitting sources. At least in much of Canada. Not so much Ontario or the prairies.

If you actually want to help save the world, you need to do less, of everything. Not buy more shit.

Fewer, or no kids. Much fewer car-miles. Many less vacations. Eat less meat. Buy less crap. Make sure your next car is a pure-electric, after driving your current one until it can't be fixed anymore. Live in a small, well-insulated residence, with a heat pump. Put solar on the roof if it floats your boat.

And no, I don't do many of those things. No kids, though, and I do hope my next car will be an electric. And if/when I need a new roof it will be a Tesla roof.

Also recognize that doing all those things won't actually save the world. As long as we're adding 100 million new bodies a year, this planet is going down.

Comment Re:Canada? (Score 1) 261

And some parts have the cheapest. Like Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland, with abundant hydro electric power and sane distribution.

Ontario has a lot of people and limited hydro-electric compared to those jurisdictions. And had a succession of bad governments that privatized electrical distribution and overpaid for renewable energy production. It's basically the poster child for how to screw up electricity prices.

Comment Re:bitcoin is a disaster for the environment. (Score 1) 261

Heat pumps are pretty common, at least in new construction, here on the west coast of British Columbia, fwiw.

The general recommendation is to size them for adequate air conditioning load in the summer, which is going to be less than your total heat requirements, and then supplement with backup heat in the winter (usually natural gas, here).

Gas is so cheap right now though that it hardly makes sense to heat with the heat pump.

Comment Re:I pay with Credit (Score 1) 679

I could see that as an average. One $10k vacation adds up quick. Gas, food, clothes, pet expenses, car insurance, phones, internet, cable, car repairs, home/garden tools and stuff, going to movies, buying electronics, video games, everything else, it all adds up if you have the income to support it. My wife and I probably spend $3k a month on our shared card on average, and we're not anal about putting everything on it by any means.

Comment Re:Preference vs. STRONG preference (Score 1) 410

I just say Merry Christmas. Christmas is about feasting and spending time with family, not to mention movies we've seen a hundred times before, a pagan tree/light display and gross consumerism. Why anyone thinks the word Christmas has anything to do with Christianity is beyond me. The only reason Christians claimed the date as their prophet's birth was to co-op the existing holiday, anyway. Just take the word, it doesn't mean anything.

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