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Comment You needed a scientist to figure that out? (Score 4, Insightful) 123

What's next? We'll discover that noisy open office bullpens aren't conducive to any sort of work that requires concentration? Or will we discover that most managers don't much care about productivity as long as they maintain the illusion of control?

Comment Re:This gunna be good (Score 1) 427

tech bros litigating every tiny, pedantic detail in TFA in order to make themselves feel better?

See, I come across an article like this and I think, "well, at least they're being sort of reasonable here, even if I don't agree with their conclusions", and then somebody like you comes along and makes it crystal clear again what this is actually about, and it has nothing to do with gender equality. "make myself feel better?" What, exactly, is it that I would have to feel bad about? If anybody "pushed out" the women in tech, it was the apocryphal top-hat wearing, cigar-smoking, "good-old-boy network" that wanted them back home and in the kitchen, not me - I just found something I liked, studied it, and pursued a career in it. People like you are a good reminder that every time we hear about "equality in tech" what they're actually talking about is keeping down the nerds - sorry, "tech bros" - who've gotten just a little too uppity and forgotten their place in the pecking order and need to be brought back in line.

Comment Re:Not safe to relate to a woman in the workplace (Score 1) 240

I'm not convinced that even this will be enough - they fired Matt Lauer immediately, with no evidence. You could shut yourself up in a room and have 0 contact with women and STILL find yourself fired for "inappropriate sexual behavior".

Comment Re:There shouldn't be any ads on this content? (Score 1) 125

That's what always makes me uncomfortable about censorship - especially this particular kind. Somebody says, "this was inappropriate content, we've removed it from your sight because it's inappropriate and you shouldn't be looking at it." Of course, since I can't look at it to judge for myself what they consider "inappropriate", I'll never know if they were right or wrong - or what else they might be censoring.

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