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Comment Re:All those Americans who want to leave can now g (Score 5, Interesting) 257

Yeah, the article and the summary seem to be anti-Trump, pro H1B, but I'm left scratching my head as to exactly who this is/ever was supposed to be good for. It's definitely good for the immigrants, because they have massively expanded employment opportunities. Is it good for Canadians? I guess it's good for the Canadians who own tech/engineering companies but aren't themselves much interested in tech/engineering and just want the money. Not so good for the Canadian techs/engineers who are suddenly competing with the entire world, strictly non-reciprocally. So I guess I'm supposed to be empathetic to the immigrants who have expanded job opportunities but not empathetic to the Canadians who have reduced job opportunities?

Comment Re:Economics of Suppression [Re:Factory is a "Pred (Score 4, Interesting) 389

The other problem is that offense is in the eye of the beholder. A man can genuinely not mean to be offensive - legitimately just asking a pretty girl out on a date, and it can be (mis)interpreted as offensive behavior. Now you end up putting management in the position of trying to armchair quarterback male/female interactions - was this really harmful, demeaning, threatening behavior or is she just overreacting? Since there's usually very little disincentive to err on the side of believing the accuser, you end up with men who tread VERY carefully around female coworkers - which is itself considered a different form of sexism, since the women end up finding themselves excluded.

Comment Re:Once again, Slashdot predators will deny this (Score 1) 389

That's kind of what I see every time the subject of women's mistreatment in technology companies comes up - it seems like the women doing the complaining are, for the most part, complaining about the same sorts of things the men face, but attributing it to the fact that they're women (and missing the fact that the men are dealing with most of the same shit). The only exception is that sometimes the men ask the women out on dates, which (apparently?) women don't like, but most of the real mistreatment is dealt out pretty evenly.

Comment Re:Make their USE/DISPLAY illegal... (Score 1) 597

Now that's the stupidest thing I've read today

Oh, just keep scrolling... But really, his analogy is flawed anyway. We're talking about what should and shouldn't be legal to do with dolls, not people. So, what Dunbal is really proposing is that "murder" of realistic dolls (for instance, crash test dummies or hollywood stage props) should be outlawed. Which, as you point out, is pretty stupid. But this particular topic does tend to bring out the stupids.

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