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Comment Re:Warren is right and wrong.... (Score 1) 324

I would point out that Bitcoin has popped, quite a few times by now.

Indeed. It peaked at $19.5k on Dec 18th, and it now trading at $14.1k. That is about a 28% drop. Bitcoin has dropped by more than that many many times, and has always recovered.

Many people, right here on Slashdot, were saying Bitcoin was in a bubble when it reached the "ridiculous" valuation of $1 back in 2011.

Also, I take issue with this statement from the summary: "looking out five years he'd gladly bet against all of the cryptocurrencies." Bitcoin is traded on futures markets, so it is absurd to say Buffet "would" bet against it. He either "is" or he "isn't". There is no "would". So has he actually taken a position against Bitcoin? I don't think so, since if he has, he would have every incentive to publicise his action.

Comment Re:Polish... (Score 1) 219

If you're really in Shanghai you know it doesn't mean shit in Chinese

China has more than 50 million Muslims, and about 70 million Christians.

... or probably any Asian language.

Tagalog speakers are 90% Roman Catholic.
There are more than 200 million Muslim Indonesian speakers.
Hundreds of millions more Muslims and Christians speak Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 2) 496

The reason the USA bundles elections is because more people get out and vote

Serious question: Is there any evidence that higher voter turnout is correlated with "better" government?

Higher turnout may just dilute the vote of people that took time and effort to understand the issues.

Voting is mandatory, and thus very high, in Greece, Argentina, Turkey. I don't think many people would consider any of these to be "well governed".

Compulsory voting

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 260

There may also be a factor on where it lies in the uncanny valley curve.

I don't think so. If you ask a human to shut your car door, or close the trunk, or turn off the headlights, you will likely thank them for it. But if you use the remote to make the car do these things itself, would you thank it for completing the task? When you arrive home from work, do you say to your car "Thanks for the ride"?

Comment Re:19 Gal/day is not out (Score 0, Troll) 339

Instead of asking "Will Capetown be the first city to run out of water?" they could just as well ask "Is Capetown the first city to misprice water?" It appears to have been written by someone who has never heard of a "market".

Just raise the price so supply equals demand. This will incentivize people to conserve, and you will quickly see lawns replaced by xeriscapes. It will also incentivize entrepreneurs to produce more water and provide innovative conservation equipment.

If they are worried about "the poor" then a simple measure is to use tiered pricing, and provide the first 10 or 20 liters per person at low cost, or even free.

Markets can't solve every problem, but they can certainly solve this one. This is just a classic mismatch of supply and demand.

Comment Re:19 Gal/day is not out (Score 4, Interesting) 339

Or 10 gallons if it's a Navy Shower.

10 gallons??? Listen sonny boy, back in my day we'd get NJP for wasting that much water.
Here is a "real" navy shower:
1. Turn water on and get wet
2. Turn off the water, and then soap up face, hands, and groin.
3. Turn water on and rinse.
4. Turn off the water and dry off.
5. Wait a week for your next shower rotation.
Even when the water was on, it wasn't much more than a trickle.
We'd use 3 gallons, tops. And this was on a gator. Submariners have it much worse. They can do it with one gallon, and would consider 3 gallons to be a "Hollywood shower".

Semper Fi.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 260

Ok, why is it worth being mentioned?

It isn't worth being mentioned because there was A HUMAN IN THE CAR. The human was there for safety and monitoring, but was still there, so people were polite and said "thank you".

If there was no human present, it is unlikely people would express gratitude. How many people "thank" an ATM or a vending machine?

Comment Re:Not analyzing payload (Score 2) 97

Then the article is wrong. I was at Cisco Live in Vegas in 2016 and attended a workshop in their developers zone where one of the engineers/researchers behind this technology made a presentation.

Or the presenter was wrong.

Or you misunderstood what was said.

They are looking at the encrypted data itself without decrypting it and just finds patterns. I probably still have the presentation somewhere.

That is implausible. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and so far there is none.

Comment Re:Mars direct? (Score 1) 83

Your link about water on Ceres says it's possible it has more fresh water than Earth, not more water than all of our oceans.

Oops. Sorry, I misread the page. But that still includes all the water in the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. That is likely much more water than Mars.

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