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Comment Re:Banks have been automating since the ATM (Score 1) 179

Still, the banking industry is employing more people, not less!

This is known as Jevons Paradox, but it really isn't a paradox at all. If you owned a bank, or factory, and automation increased productivity so each worker produced twice as much profit, would you fire half of your workers, or would you hire more?

Comment Re:C!=C (Score 4, Interesting) 273

Yeah, forget about silly things like personality and common interests.

They have subgroups for many common interests. Their members have a range of personalities, which you can explore by, you know, talking to them and socializing.

I am not a member, but I know people that are. They are weird, but not abnormally so.

The real weirdos are the people that feel a need to express their illusion of superiority by preaching about why they refuse to join every time Mensa is mentioned. Those people are worse than vegans.

Comment Re:C-level execs in handcuffs (Score 1) 158

Haul some C-level execs away in handcuffs.

Then we will have to pay exectutives a lot more money to accept that risk.

And don't put them in some white-collar resort prison either.

America already imprisons four times as many people as any other 1st world country. If we are going to start putting people in prison for being stupid, we are going to need a lot more prisons.

Comment Re:The Pocket Book (Score 1) 158

Your company will have to contact each one directly, individually, and cut them a check for $1000

Get a grip on reality. Equifax had a profit of $488M last year. That is $3 per individual leak. Since their profits are likely to drastically decline this year, even expecting them to be able to pay $3 is unrealistic.

Comment Re: Unacceptable (Score 2, Interesting) 146

You have obviously never worked with Asian people. If you want to hear racism, learn a bit of Chinese or Hindi.

I know some Mandarin, and the worst I have heard is "heiren" which just means "black person". But what is often surprising to Americans is the total lack of "political correctness" in China. They will come right out and say "I don't like black people" even to strangers. I remember seeing this commercial when I lived in Shanghai. I thought it was hilariously offensive, but Chinese people didn't see anything wrong with it.

Comment Re:This is cool, but I'll be more interested when. (Score 1) 133

A general solution would be awesome.

General solutions require Strong AI, which, for now, is science fiction.

Complaining that this self-learning Go program isn't general purpose is sort of like complaining that a better electric car battery won't help your Tesla reach Warp 9.

This is incremental progress, not a revolution, but it is still an interesting advance.

Comment Re:Dolphins? (Score 1) 97

Hmm, if only there were some source of high density energy underwater.

Hydrothermal vents are rare, most are much deeper than dolphins can go, and there is no plausible mechanism to use their heat to smelt or forge metal, especially with flippers instead of hands. Octopuses can grip and go deep, but they are not social, and hence would not develop a culture to accumulate knowledge across generations.

Comment Re:Human peer pressure shrinks brain (Score 1) 97

If girls prefer big, strong, muscular men with good reflexes, fighting skills - and perhaps some clever repartee thrown in for good measure - it's because those were the qualities a male partner needed for hundreds of thousands of years.

Obvious solution: When she isn't looking, slip some CRSPR-Cas9 into her drink to modernize her preferences.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 360

I think they mean the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Those who think they are fat, even though they wear a size 0 dress. The ones that have to burn off the calories from a banana.

Burning off the banana calories with exercise is almost certainly better than vomiting it up, using laxatives to poop it out, or not eating it at all.

For everyone with an eating disorder who exercises too much, there are probably 10 that exercise too little.

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