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Comment Re:I reported my rape and got fired (Score 4, Insightful) 90

No amount of shaming men to try to make them more like women is going to change that

Not true. I first heard of the interruption difference years ago when I read this book. Once I was attuned to it, I noticed it happening in meetings, and I noticed that I did it myself. So I try to interrupt less, and if someone else interrupts a woman during a meeting, I often later ask her to finish her point. So at least in my case, it made a difference.

Comment Re:I reported my rape and got fired (Score 2, Interesting) 90

I hope every one of them is caught and hung at the nearest lamp post. Gimme the rope.

Be careful what you wish for. Harsh punishments for rape are correlated with very high acquittal rates and a cultural of impunity. Society's "ideal" of rape is a pure innocent blonde virgin minding her own business when some total stranger grabs her and drags her into the bushes. Very few real rapes are anything like that, but the more the actual situation diverges from the "ideal", the less likely the women is to be believed or even take seriously. Very few juries are likely to put a seemingly nice guy in prison for 20 years because of a "he-said-she-said" accusation of date rape.

Comment Re:Anyone care to try playing with a squared board (Score 1) 177

Any GO expert care to explain why this is feasible or silly ?

It is silly. If you train a neural net to differentiate a photo of a dog from a photo of a cat, it can learn to do that. But it is then silly to expect it to recognize a picture of, say, a horse. That is NOT what it was trained to do.

Likewise, Alpha-Go was specifically trained to play on a 19x19 board. Any other size, such as 18x18, would not even be recognized as valid input.

On the other hand, if you trained it on variable sized boards, then it could adapt to that.

Here is an actual example: Deepmind trained a NN to play a wide variety of video games. When it was introduced to a new video game, it could used its existing training to play and master the new game much faster than even the best humans.

Go is played on 9x9, 13x13, and 19x19 boards. On the smaller boards, tactics (joseki) is more important. On bigger boards, strategy (fuseki) is more important, and apparently innocuous early moves can have far reaching effects much later in the game. On a 38x38 board, strategy would likely be even more important, and winning the game would require a profoundly different style of play. My gut feeling is that an AI, trained by playing against itself, could master that new style much faster than a human.

Comment Re:Not AI (Score 1) 177

I was just wondering if this, or a chess program, are really AI or are they just a traveling salesman algorithm for Go or Chess?

False dichotomy. A solution to the TSP is not necessarily "not AI". If you used machine learning to train an ANN to find better solutions to the TSP than methods such as simulated annealing or Christofides Algorithm, then that would certainly be considered "AI" by actual AI researchers and practitioners.

Comment Re:Chinese Checkers (Score 1) 177

Mathematically, which is harder to solve for, Go or Chess?

Go, by a huge margin. But that is irrelevant, since neither is solved mathematically be either humans or computers. They are solved with heuristics. It is not necessary to find the mathematically optimal move, just a move that is "good enough" to defeat your opponent.

Games that can actually be solved mathematically, such as tic-tac-toe or nim, are not very interesting.

Comment Re:Reading way to far into buts of propaganda (Score 2) 220

Or, maybe native Arabic speakers just prefer to read in French?

This is one of the points made in the cited Economist article. Books written in Arabic mostly use a formal and archaic version of the language, that is so different from the informal vernacular that it is almost like a foreign language. Many parents do indeed think that their children's time is better spent learning French (in Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco) or English (everywhere else).

As fewer people learn formal Arabic, fewer Arabic books are published, which reduces the incentive to learn to read it even more. So it is in a death spiral.

Comment Re: It's not plastic that's the problem... (Score 2) 126

Proper reverse-osmosis filtration will remove fluoride but the resulting water is too soft and should be buffered salts/electrolytes

The "bring-your-own-bottle" machines at the grocery store do not use reverse osmosis. They use cheap activated charcoal filters, which do not remove fluoride even when they are changed regularly, which usually aren't. The input is tap water, and the output is, well, basically tap water.

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