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Comment Re:End of support != Death (Score 1) 766

Come on. The headline is misleading. XP won't suddenly stop working - rather it will simply not be supported by Microsoft.

True, but in the Enterprise environment they are essentially equivalent. You can't afford to run an unsupported OS if users are allowed on the internet.

It will be a sad day. XP, for its time, and everything into consideration, is probably the best OS we've seen - which is why people are still running it. It works/worked with more devices and applications that anything out there. It is user-friendly, but still had the win2000 tech aspects behind it. I think it really raised the bar, and it took years for Linux or OS X to surpass it as most useful OS.

Comment Re:if my house gets robbed (Score 1) 2424

If your house gets robbed my house can lose property value. What if I had let you borrow something?

You seem to think that you won't have to pay for the people that can't afford health insurance in the new system. I have news for you - you will always have to pay for the people that can't afford health insurance - one way or another - unless you deny them any type of treatment.

As for the freeloading assholes you speak of - they don't really exist in a way that this will fix any of it. Freeloaders exist in 3 ways - 1) they can afford it but choose not - 2) they cannot afford it period - 3) they could maybe afford it but they are fiscally irresponsible and don't save enough to do so. The #1's will pay when they have something done - you seem to think they get free care - they get a bill and if they have the money they will have to pay - if not you are talking about criminals, and everything will be taken from them. Oh and BTW, they will pay more than your insurance company does. #2 type freeloaders you will still pay for, period, get over it or deny them ER visits. #3's are assholes, but when they don't pay they become in group #2. You make it sound like they are driving beemers and I pay for their health insurance.

If freeloaders are driving up the price so much, then how come when it becomes mandatory the prices won't fall? It didn't in Mass, it didn't with the asshole car drivers in 48 states, it won't for the country. The higher taxes you speak of are for the buttloads of regulations that are added every year, along with the lawyers that make the real profits in the health care system. Of course those who can't pay bring up the amount, but nothing compared to those 2, and no more than you do if you have a couple kids.

Oh, and no chance the founding fathers would agree with you, or they would have put it in the constitution. "Life, Liberty, Health care coverage, and the pursuit..." I have no problem with a state doing exactly what this bill tries to do, but the Federal government was not given the right to make these changes 'within' the states, only among. Wouldn't you rather 50 chances at a good health system, instead of one - so if it fails we all suffer. Common Sense.

Comment Re:patriotism and morality and freedom won (Score 3, Insightful) 2424

You can drive legally without car insurance, but only in two states. You should be able to choose to drive without car insurance.

Making car insurance mandatory has not lowered rates as far as I know in any of the 48 states.

I get amazed at how many people are not for 'freedom' in things like this. I may be an idiot if I don't have insurance, but that should be my choice. If I'm mid twenties making ok money, then I should be able to risk not having car or health insurance if I want. Lets say I want out of my current situation, save up, start my own business; well health insurance can very easily run me dry - especially if my company doesn't cover much or any, and I can get stuck where I am. Odds are for 3-4 years I can go without it and not need it even once. In 4 years I can save up a lot. If in those 4 years I need something, I pay for it, if I don't my credit gets totally screwed and I lose everything I've been working for; so I might take out a loan and pay it off. On top of that I get a worse price than a health insurance company does - so unless I default then I don't hurt the system. I don't use any of 'your' money. If it is something drastic that costs me hundreds of thousands of dollars, then yes I can't pay all that off and you will pay for it - the system will pay for it; however if you or I with insurance also have something of that magnitude then other people will also pay for it. In my lifetime I will never put that much money into the system, so having a child or two can easily put you in a position where the insurance company has paid more for you than you will ever put in.

The argument you, and many others make, is a very poor argument; but unfortunately usually wins out in politics. It is very similar to an alarm system on a house. Do you know anyone that would argue that an alarm system is a bad idea? anyone? Yet how many people do you know have one? According to your argument for the better good the state, heck the Federal government, should make it mandatory for every house to have an alarm. Everyone will be safer that way, you can't argue against that - its perfect f'd up logic that totally forgets the principles that this country was founded on and has made us ahead of the rest of the world. Some people prefer Universal Canadian Health care, this country was not founded by people that felt that way. People didn't get in boats from Europe to come over here for Universal Health Care, they came for freedom. I'm afraid too many generations have past and we have forgotten just that.

Comment Re:A Mimic Device Is Precisely What They Want (Score 1) 338

Long-term the gaming industry was something they didn't want to miss. The xbox got in there at just the right time. In another 10 years you'll see other companies trying to get in one way or another. It's definitely nice when you are a large enough company that you can take a loss for years, just so you don't miss the boat - which also lowers prices for the consumer.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 249

Verizon is in the wrong by showing the competitors poor 3G coverage? It's called competition.

I don't know anyone that watched the commercial and thought they were talking about normal coverage. This is crap, maybe Microsoft should sue Mac for saying their computers are better.

Comment Re:Bye Bye Monopoly (Score 1) 295

My gut reaction is to agree that the restrictions from Apple are a bad idea, but if you had the position in Apple to make that decision which one would you make?

Apple appears to be quite aware of keeping customers happy - at least from what I've experienced. There may be less of us on slashdot than we think; the numbers mustn't add up.

How much does Cydia take away from Apple? They must have a good idea; I can't imagine they are just looking at hard numbers, when they are more they type that wants their fanboys still fans.

Comment Re:About an Autobahn lane projector ? (Score 1) 856

I like this idea. The video is decent. The main point is to help drivers to understand where there is a bike. I'd say it is better than just reflectors because it gives a better sense of just how far away I should be to pass you; it draws the line on the road - instead of that mental line we normally draw ourselves when passing.

The one thing I'd say it might need though is a level. If you notice the biker 'lane' gets bigger when the bike leans right. I would think a level could be added to keep this from happening.

Comment Re:I'm so sick of the American Congress (Score 1) 236

Very good post. The US is using Bretton Woods and their dept to stay 'on top'. It won't last forever. They only reason it is going to take a while to play out is because other countries have wealth in the US dollar. Japan, China, and Russia don't want to admit the dollar is worth jack because they have too many of them. I find it interesting how many countries are coming out and saying the dollar is strong and they have 100% confidence in the dollar - if the dollar was strong why would you have to make such statements?

No one wants to admit their 50k mercedes is now only worth 20k, but one day they will have to trade it in.

Comment Re:Is this such a good idea? (Score 1) 279

I admit I haven't thought about it much, but I have yet to see a good argument against the voucher system. It would help weed out the bureaucracy and spending on school stadiums and football fields, too.

The only argument in general I've heard against the voucher system has been from teacher's unions and Principles of 'bad' schools. "How would I guarantee any students come to my school?"


No, but for real I've heard people say well that will make things worse because all the smart kids will end up together, and the bad schools will get much worse because you can't kick kids out of public schools. Which is why children need to be left behind, there needs to be academic levels. Kids need to fail or it doesn't mean anything to pass. The education system does not need more money, it needs an overhaul. If a private school can educate students for $4k and $12k per student isn't enough for a public school to then the system is broke. I think that vouchers would be the biggest and best step in the right direction.

Comment Re:I can think of a few (Score 1) 496

I think DoS is the best wired vs. wireless security issue. I have ACLs, encryption, and authentication on my wireless connections; how many people have encrypted wired traffic out there?

You can 'sniff' encrypted traffic all you want. The one thing you can not truly protect against is DoS on the wireless side.

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