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Comment Re:Why put tabs in code anyway? (Score 1) 390

I used to indent parameters across multiple lines like that, but they're just too much of a hassle to maintain like that. I think it's just as readable and less work if you put each parameter on its own line, just give it normal indention:

if (AThing)

or normal indention + 1 indent:

if (AThing)

Comment Testing as interviews (Score 0) 440

If I were applying for jobs, I'd be dubious about one that required an explicit "test" as part of the interview process, since it's hard to know what you mean by "test". Are you going to test my typing speed, or whether I know obscure language trivia (quick: Where was Bjarne Stroustrup working when he invented C++? How do you pronounce "Bjarne Stroustrup"? What does "restrict" mean in C?), or whether it's really a standard interview in disguise.

A normal technical interview process really should be a "test", for all intents and purposes. It's fairly easy to put a candidate in front of a whiteboard and figure out whether the candidate can write a function in your language of choice. (At least, it's easier to test coding ability than many other professional jobs.)

Comment Re:The problem solved by QWERTY makes faster typin (Score 1) 663

You make very good points about alternating between hands. The strength of the Dvorak keyboard is that a high percentage of English words are typed in an alternating pattern. In QWERTY there are a lot of words that require typing two consecutive letters with the same finger. In Dvorak, there are quite a few words which can be "rolled". In fact, my most common typing mistakes in Dvorak are hitting the keys in the wrong order because I can basically "press" the word, and it's a matter of the keystrokes landing in the right order. QWERTY typing has a much rougher rhythm to it.
The Courts

Submission + - Company alleges Wii controller infringes patent

The Hobo writes: CBC news is reporting that a company called Interlink Electronics is suing Nintendo over its Wii controller, alleging infringement of its patent titled "Trigger operated electronic device". From the article, "According to the documents filed with the court, Interlink claims that Nintendo's "infringement of the patent is unlawful and willful [sic] and will continue" unless the court prevents it from doing so." The company is asking for damages, costs, and an order that Nintendo stop its alleged infringing uses. Nintendo was unaware of the lawsuit and could not provide an immediate comment.

Comment Re:Storm Troopers were clones? (Score 1) 432

I've only read a few Star Wars books, but I remember the ones I read saying that after the fall of the Empire, the warlords governing the remaining pieces of the empire started recruiting real people to work as Stormtroopers because they didn't have access to the clone factories anymore.

But I'm not exactly a Star Wars scholar.

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