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Comment Re:That's fine because I plan to bypass... (Score 1) 444

As you've said already, Windows ME, and Vista have been the shit releases of their OS line.

  Thus 8 will be the consumer tablet and phone OS microsoft releases, then by the time Windows 9 is released, we will gladly accept it, because it will suck our balls, and give us what we always wanted but never got in Windows 7.

    I've had to test for a possible roll out (if the powers above tell me I must do so) of support for Windows 8. So having tested Consumer Preview, to Release Preview, to I'll soon have a RTM copy to use. I can only say, the support for Windows 8 will be limited to tablet based devices only, and a very small select of Receptionist All-in-One touchscreen desktops. We are looking at a few Samsung tablets which seem to make the concepts of Windows 8, useable.

  I will probably go kicking and screaming, when the end users start demanding for their Windows 8, upgrades because obviously Windows 7 is old and now not as fast. People in Office Politics can push to get a new desktop, or justify why their current one is unable to get the job done. The tech is makes it work, and if so many trouble tickets on one machine are reported, then its obviously time for a new machine replacement. (It happens, it is real, and it fucking happens) My perk is I get constant hands on training.

Who else read BOFH?

Comment Re:no way UEFI lock down will come soon (Score 1) 444

And that is exactly what happened in 2000.

  Windows Millenium (ME) cam out for the consumer class OS, at the same time Windows 2000 Professional/Server/DataCenter/etc came out.

Next thing you know, everyone hates ME, Windows 98SE kept users functional through the 2000 phase until XP was released. However I was certainly taking care of way too many home PCs with Windows 2000 Professional installed. Many people had misconceptions about their computers too, some would tell me they were running "Windows 2000" when in fact they were running Millenium. Most people also fell into the Y2K panic/hogwash and believed Microsoft released ME and 2000 as the same product.

  I don't think Microsoft's current team in decision making, remember the past very well. There was a huge problem in how Marketing presented things, and what the product actually delivered. People pirated Windows 2000 Professional happily to get past the mess called Millenium.

Comment Re:no way UEFI lock down will come soon (Score 2) 444

I am going through this very problem right now in my office.

  I have a whole ton of 5 - 8 year old business desktops and laptops, adding a few just as old consumer class laptops, and I can tell a difference in software support DOAs. All my business class desktops and laptops, still have drivers that progressed through the XP to Vista. And Vista drivers working fine under Win 7. Adding the bonus, that Windows Update and improved tremendiously in hardware driver support. We have not had any trouble when it comes to transitioning our workstations away from XP.

  As for the consumer laptops, the driver support for some of them ended at "Vista compatible". The specs of these laptops are comparible to the business class machines. You just notice, when trying to go to Windows 7, these machines, often lose functions (Audio drivers, non-existent) Downgrade to Vista, and the audio works again.. This is where business's tech departments have a hard time adopting BYOD, into their networks. The support to keep consumer grade devices sucks.

    A bit of hacking around with chipset drivers (taking a vista driver, and just repackaging it for Win7, knowing damn well it works, you have to just void warranty driver support to keep the device functioning in the latest OS.

Comment Re:Short answer: No (the correct answer) (Score 3, Insightful) 133

If I had any point, I would have given them all to you in some form or fashion. Thanks for your input, and you clearly have insight as to what this 'agreement' really means.

  I have heard random opinions about this situation, and most of them resemble your opinion as well. ISP will not be directly monitoring User's traffic, do so, violates a few other laws in palce. the AOL case, is a prime example WHY we will not have ISPs jumping onto the bandwagon to help MPAA/RIAA prosecute customers. From a business perspective, it would be detrimental for ISPs to be caught "snitching' on their users.

  The moment a ISP is labeled as a 'snitch', customers may change in droves to competition, thus killing a ISP in the process. I highly doubt this, because if Warner Brother wanted to go after its viewers and customers, then Time Warner would have been sending notices of impending doom to customers long ago. When ISP are forced to monitor customers' traffic, it will be FORCED. Non-compliance would result in fines, and penalties from the Government. Currently the government isn't the group of people trying to punish others right now.

Again this is about partnership. MPAA/RIAA being allowed direct investigation connection through the ISP. With this passing, it would only cheapen the process in which the RIAA/MPAA uses to catch users and send infringement letters.

Comment Re:Hahaha (Score 1) 315

I second your post!

    I worked for a company that promised promotions only worked from within. After about ten years of random CEO managements, whereas all upper management was interchangable. Eventually The Board of Directors setup new rules, and no longer was employment a thing about promotion for work well done. It became, who has the paperwork to bullshit their way into their position.

    We had a district manager from Blockbuster think operating a Radioshack district was like a rental business. Radioshack began to carry music, and DVDs and less components and parts. The general trend of Radioshack kept going down hill because the Len Roberts principles had turned upside down.

    As for smaller companies, I worked in a manager structure that was nothing BUT friends of friends. Any employee that wasn't friends of middle or upper management did not keep their jobs for very long. Eventually so many employees left, management was forced to go back to work. And a fundamental change in attitude happened. I left just in time, After my projects were finished, I was contractor for follow up jobs. Witnessed literally the self destruction of a company from within.

Comment Re:Know what'll make airports REALLY safe for me? (Score 1) 101

I cant wait for the first government worker security clearance/pay-grade fights begin at these checkpoints.

    See what happens when someone who works in another form of government gets harassed or someone they are with gets the treatment by TSA. "I've got a GS something something security clearance, I fucking have a paygrade 10x what you make you Fucking TSA overpaid rental cop!" When a TSA supervisor arrives, the same pissed off government employee takes the next TSA agent to task because they are STILL lower level government paid autobots.

    This is where i have a very strange irk when I see US servicemen in uniform AND with badges in sight, get the same treatment as common passengers. About a year ago, even Airline Pilots had to go through the same TSA treatment. Yet the way we handle these things its like we need to create a law that stops this. Versus realizing, this never existed in the first place until this agency was formed. The problems we have today are much like problems we have had since the dawn of time, yet we have to make some form of government agency to make sure the newly created rules apply.

Comment Re:What about Sprint source? (Score 1) 325

I am of the same concern. I have long past my two year contract with sprint. Let alone I've been a loyal sprint customer for 12 years.

    My 3G/4G Overdrive modem has gone through 3 batteries within its two years of use, But I've relied on its Unlimited data plan because of my constant traveling. When Sprint began to throttle its 3G speed I was forced to move to 4G, adding the extra 20 bucks a month to add it. I haven't been unsatisfied with the 4G speeds thus far, but this 'announcement' takes the cake.

    Every other company has dropped their unlimited plans, and went with caps, and overcharges. I Seriously WILL leave Sprint if they pull this 'announcement' to the public eye.

    I read the article, because I seriously do rely on the unlimited data part of my mifi data plan. I have no need to use my phone as a hotspot, when I rely on a mifi device to provide internet access to 5 devices. A smartphone will not provide that type of reliable service. ANd Clearwire is a joke. When Sprint is going to dump WiMax for LTE in a few years, I fully expect the 4G/LTE spectrum to be tested for all users. By now all these companies should know what the end user wants/needs/expects from a full speed wireless connection being advertised as the next step solution for cutting the wires.

  If they promote this service in the beginning, and then turn surprised when people use it, Its not the consumers fault the CEOs, and Marketing didn't consult with the Engineers correctly.

    This is just outright show in tell, for how the media industry does not want media provided equally through internet devices. This shit got to stop.

  I'll wait to see what I receive in the mail from sprint. Two months ago, I finally received my letter stating Sprint finally recognizes me as a Gold Premier member (as a loyal customer of 12 years, and monthly billing of 120, etc, etc... only to receive a new letter a week ago saying Sprint will be eliminating that membership program soon. IM FUCKING PISSED, if Unlimited is ended on MiFi devices.

Comment Re:and the saddest thing (Score 1) 804

Its all about profitability. The "War On" anything makes people fear the .... fear itself. Someone makes serious money when we fear something. Like shihar pointed out, money is always easy to make in war. We just justify it by instilling fear into Americans, and Americans will let Big Government to protect us.

    However if the News Media points out the story for all to hear, who will argue Big Government because its supposed to protect us.

  Over the past two weeks, I have been reading, listening, and watching everything to remind Americans why we went to war. To stop terrorism. "If you don't buy our shit, you support terrorists.", worse yet, If you stop shopping, the terrorists win! -G. Carlin. Americans let the tragedies affect us by allowing us to feel compelled to be protected. Unfortunately it was a disguise to cover up a bigger problem. We were making money, as a Surplus economy, and this money can be given easily away to rich, and the richer. To do this, we needed a fear, and a war. 10 years later.... We are effecting every economy on the planet, and yet, everywhere we have protests because the rich are richer, and the poor are being told to foot the bill for the worst world economic situation on history.

    I hate whats happening today, yesterday, and 10 years ago.

I watched the news brief given by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10th, 2001. I explicitly saw the man, in front of (whoever cares about politics watching TV press releases) 20 or so reporters. Tell America. "The US Military cannot account for 2/3rds of its military budget." Due to contractor/secret security funneling of the money. The very next day. terrorist attacks, and the very pieces that would allow Americans to review those records were destroyed.

    This I knew before the documentaries, docudramas, conspiracy theories came about. This is just one Average American who paid attention to the news at a young age.

    In 2001, I was in a high school classroom, rolling the TV out to the room, so everyone could see the second plane hit the World Trade Centers. watching live feeds from multiple news organizations show people jumping out of the windows in hopes they could survive the fall. When the towers came down, I was floored watching how something so preplanned, and done by people supposedly terrorists bring down the towers in a perfectly controlled manor. The way the planes hit the second building, I only imagined how the top section of the building would collapse by falling over. Leaving the rest of the building intact so other could get out. So many questions, never answered when the news start painting what happened, versus what was witnessed.

    Some people made a lot of money. But it wasn't the citizens.

Comment I heard LuLzSec was going to rig the elections... (Score 1) 412

Of course, if they are disbanding, then how can we know the elections will / wont be rigged?

  I mean, the electronic ballot systems are totally secure right? We absolutely got those things top notch secure, and protected from insider rigging right? I mean, we won't have any of that 2004, 2000 DIEBOLD election scandal happening again. At least we can rest assured that since LuLzSec is disbanding, their rumor of rigging the elections with the most obvious method to show corruption in the election polls that it could never happen. again... right?

  We all learned from the past right?

(hint hint... 2012 Elections are going to be rigged)

Comment Re:Someone help me out here. (Score 1) 613

Absolutely true considering we ARE running out of money. That is probably why the priority is high for US to make China a stronger ally. I would personally hope that our Relations improve to the point, when China deploys a Naval fleet and airforce, we work in joint operations.

  Hell I would Love to hear that China assumes the role of Policing the Planet while the US helps operate the administrative tasks. We are in control, but China and US military are joint in operations in attacking 'terrorists' Or whatever bullshit war scheme thats going on.

Comment Re:TSA Agents (Score 1) 446

YOUR name is Jingle James Hyper Smith,
something something something something,
I can't remember the song so well...

  James Jingle Hyper Smith!

  On a better less troll/stupid matter

  I can't wait for Every American BUT politicians be on the no fly list. Lets see what the government does to bail out the airline industry again. "Oh Noes! Travelers aren't flying enough and the airlines have to raise prices, cut flights, etc, etc... because of the losses." TSA and Government is currently the fucker uppers of the airline industry. When all Americans and international travelers refuse to fly because of the mess we are in, what will happen next?

  I suppose we'll start lynching Politicians... and that I hope is enough for someone to Tip me to TSA... so I can't fly anymore.

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